17 January 2012

Vevcani Carnival 2012 in full Swing

The event unofficially began on January 12 with a concert that will include performances by rock bands from Macedonia and Croatia.The main parade will take place on January 13, where the old new year will be welcomed outdoors in the center of Vevcani. The next day, masks will be set on fire as a ritual.
The Vevcani carnival is supported by the Ministry of Culture and sponsored by Macedonian Telecom.In 1993, the Vevcani carnival, or more precisely, the municipality of Vevcani, joined FECC - the Federation of European Carnival Cities.
The traditional masks of groom, bride and August the Fool will parade in Vevcani on January 13 and 14 at the carnival celebrating the passing of the old year and the coming of the new one according to the old calendar. Culture Minister Elizabeta Kanceska - Milevska will address the official opening.
The carnival honoring Saint Basil the Great is known for its archaic spirit and unique masks mixing pagan rituals and modern celebrations. The carnival takes place in the village of Vevcani, which is magically transformed into a theatre in its own right, free of borders, where every house and every street is a stage for those behind the masks to perform their roles and play their games as true actors.
It's easy to say, no one mocks politicians, celebrities, countries ... better than the Vevcani carnival.

Vevcani carnival is a pearl of Macedonia's tradition, says Kanceska-Milevska
A group mask created by the inhabitants of Vevcani reflecting Macedonian-Greek relations was the most talked about mask among visitors of this year's Vevcani Carnival.
Other masks included US president Barack Obama, a "Flying to Europe" mask, the hand of VMRO-DPMNE, etc. Scenes from cowboy movies were re-enacted and Tito's Pioneers, Muslim priests, dead people paraded through the village of Vevcani. This year, Macedonian politicians were spared, there were no masks making fun of any local politician.
Opening the carnival, Culture Minister Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska said all well-intentioned visitors with a carnival spirit were part of an unique satire reminding us of events and persons who had marked 2011.
"The Vevcani Carnival offers a game without protocol. It is a valuable pearl in the Macedonian tradition and a brand which makes Macedonia famous in the world. This carnival is being celebrated with a sense of preserving a valuable sample of the Macedonian tradition that amazes with its originality," Milevska said.
She vowed that the Ministry of Culture would keep on supporting the traditional carnival in Vevcani.
At midnight, the old new year (Vasilica) was welcomed at the Vevcani Springs.
The carnival ends on Saturday after all of the masks will be set on fire.

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