30 April 2010

Germans interested in Macedonian sun

Six German companies and a representative of the German Ministry of Economy will examine the possibility of investing in photovoltaic power plants and solar collectors in Macedonia.
For the possible construction of renewable energy resource capacities, German companies demand transparency, efficient approval of projects, medium and long-term prospects for the development of solar and photovoltaic projects as well as support through preferred tariffs. Germany is among leading global countries in use of green technologies.
Macedonia has 270 sunny days on average, which represents an excellent possibility for the production of electricity by photovoltaic collectors and warm water by solar collectors.

28 April 2010

Macedonia native wins World’s Top Restaurant Award

Copenhagen’s Noma, which showcases the work of a young Macedonian-born Danish chef, edged out the top two eateries to win the award for world’s best restaurant, the World Street Journal said.
René Redzepi, 32, chef at the two Michelin star-rated Noma on Copenhagen’s docks, brought seven of his top eight staff to celebrate winning first place in the S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurant awards.
Redzepi claims he doesn’t use olive oil, tomatoes or nonseasonal garlic, as all of staff’s produce is from Denmark and the neighboring Nordic countries. He has championed such obscure ingredients as 45-year-old horse mussels from the Faroe Islands, monkfish livers and wild beach roses.
“I love this award and am so happy about what it can do for our country and our products,“ the World Street Journal quotes the 32-year-old chef saying.
Redzepi, who is half Dannish, half Macedonian, was the insider’s favorite to knock both Ferran Adriŕ’s El Bulli and Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck from their culinary perch, where they have exchanged the top two positions for the past six years.
The list was announced at a chef-studded ceremony at Guildhall, in London’s financial district.

25 April 2010

Optimism of German companies in Macedonia

Several German companies operating in Macedonia are satisfied with their business situation, but they still point to certain factors in Macedonia that have to be changed urgently, show the results of an opinion poll conducted by the Federation of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry-Skopje branch in cooperation with Macedonian-German Economic Association. German investors still complain about lack of efficiency of public administration, transparency in tenders, legal certainty, poor approach to state aid and EU financial support as well as slow prevention of corruption and crime. Despite the problems, German companies are optimistic and 79 percent of them are satisfied with their situation in Macedonia.

19 April 2010

PM Gruevski visits Tetovo's flooded area

Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski visited Sunday the flooded area, Tetovo's Raotince village, where in the past couple of days the river Vardar spilled out of its banks, inundating about 30 houses and 200 hectares of cultivable soil along the river.
The PM together with Agriculture Minister Ljupco Dimovski and the directors of the Crisis Management Center and the Protection and Rescue Directorate visited Raotince residents to oversee the situation and determine whether the Government is able to provide assistance. After meeting with residents, Gruevski said yesterday was the most critical day, adding that the water has receded. - This is not happening for the first time. Inundations have emerged before.
Evidently, this region is critical and a long-term solution must be found, PM Gruevski stated. He vowed to review the project envisaging overhaul and arrangement of the Vardar river bank 7 kilometers lengthwise. The village of Raotnice has been facing this problem for over 30 years. A project to overhaul the river bank has been made back in 1974 and it was renewed in 2005, but it remains unfinished. The situation in Raotnice today is back to normal, the water has receded into the river bank.

16 April 2010

Priceless Roman sculpture excavated in Stobi

A well-preserved, priceless marble head of Octavius Augustus - part of a sculpture from the early Roman period - and a small torso were excavated Friday at Stobi archaeological site, which was visited by Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski together with Culture Minister Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska and the director of the Department for Cultural Heritage Protection, Pasko Kuzman.
According to its features, the sculpture was intended to immortalize emperors and notable citizens from the first and second century A.D. It was housed in a temple, which was robbed soon after it was demolished in the classical era. Minister Kanceska-Milevska said that this year's activities at 20 archaeological sites were finances with 180 million denars (3 million euros). - It is important that the site was turned into a national institution with employees, aiming to become a tourist attraction to promote cultural heritage, said the Minister.

From: macedoniaonline.eu

14 April 2010

President Ivanov: Greece needs a reality check

Greece should face the reality and recognize the existence of a Macedonian state and a Macedonian nation, said Tuesday President Gjorge Ivanov regarding Greek remarks on Macedonia's decision to preside over the CoE Committee of Ministers under name "Macedonian Presidency 2010".
"The Council of Europe has its principles as an international organization, whereas Macedonia as chair-country will contribute to the Council reforms. Every member-state has the right to challenge something", said Ivanov following the opening of the 13.
Macedonian Students Games in Ohrid. Asked if Greece's remark clearly demonstrates the country's stance of refusing to recognize Macedonian identity, President Ivanov stressed this is a problem that has burdened bilateral relations for two decades, adding Athens should finally accept reality.
He expects UN envoy Matthew Nimetz to schedule a new round of talks by the month-end. "We expect Nimetz to brief countries' negotiators Jolevski and Vassilakis. Now is a sensitive period and we expect to see what is offered on the table", said Ivanov.

12 April 2010

Steve Stamkos scores 50 goals in second NHL Season

Macedonian Canadian Steven Stamkos joined an elite group of NHL goal scorers and his biggest fan was in the stands to see it. The No. 1 overall pick in the 2008 draft became the third-youngest player to score 50 goals in a season, and he scored the only goal in the shootout to lead Tampa Bay to a 4-3 victory over the Florida Panthers in the Lightning’s home finale Saturday night. Stamkos’ father was in attendance, adding to the excitement of the night for the forward. Though Ed Jovanovski is a great player, it is rather unlikely another Macedonian Canadian/American can achieve what Steve has done in the NHL.

08 April 2010

'Roma Queen' Esma Redzepova receives Macedonia's Order of Merit

I would like everyone to see Macedonia through my eyes, because my vision is cosmopolitan. Let this small, but beautiful country live for all times, said singer Esma Redzepova-Teodosievska, who was decorated Tuesday by President Gjorge Ivanov with Order of Merit for Macedonia, an award long overdue.
"Through her authenticity and perfect vocal performance, Esma has promoted Macedonian and Roma music worldwide, becoming a striking international name in music", said President Ivanov. According to him, the order is presented to Redzepova-Teodosievska for the affirmation of Macedonia, her musical grandeur and charity work. "Today's ceremony is held only two days prior to April 8-World Roma Day.
The Roma community is an integral part of Macedonian society. Esma is one of the leading individuals in the efforts for improvement of the social and economic situation of Roma. Esma is an example of toppling barriers when it comes to talent, will and perseverance", stressed Ivanov.
Dubbed by many as 'Roma Queen', Esma Redzepova-Teodosievska said the order belonged to the people, because she would not have achieved the success if it hadn't been for them. "This is a recognition for all citizens, all nationalities living in the Republic of Macedonia", she added.
Esma Redzepova-Teodosievska (1943) was born in Skopje. She won the first award at a Radio Skopje singing contest at the age of 11. Afterwards, she began to work with the orchestra of Stevo Teodosievski, performing for nearly 30 years.
Following their marriage, Esma and Stevo raised 47 children and held more than 2,000 humanitarian concerts. Esma and Teodosievski ensemble released 108 singles, 20 albums, 15 CDs etc. At the 1976 inaugural edition of "Festival of Roma Music and Song" in Chandigarh, India, she was officially proclaimed queen of Roma music. She is a laureate of a number of other awards and recognitions.

04 April 2010

Students to pay three times lower participation fee

Macedonian government has decreased the participation fee for studying at state universities. In the future, the highest co-financing fee for students will be EUR 400 instead of current EUR 1,200. The decision was made after the Parliament of Students at the University of St. Cyril and Methodius demanded a decrease in student taxes. From now on, the participation fee will amount to EUR 200 for students within the state quota, whereas students outside the quota will pay up to EUR 400. The fee for dispersed studies will be some EUR 100.