28 January 2012

Snowfalls Limit movement of Traffic in Macedonia

Snowfalls throughout the country have slowed down road traffic, but there are no major problems in the inter-city, railway and airline traffic.
Flow of traffic on the road network is slow, on snowy and wet roads.
Heavy vehicles are banned at road sections Jazince village-border crossing Jazince and Berovo-Strumica.
Gevgelija-Smrdliva Voda road section is passable and the rest of the road to Kozuf ski centre is still being cleaned.
The Auto-Moto Association of Macedonia recommends caution while driving due to slippery and icy roads, especially at road sections Mavrovo-Debar-Struga, Katlanovo-Veles, and Demir Kapija-Udovo, where landslides are possible.
Skopje bus station said traffic is normal, without any major delays in departures and arrivals. The situation is similar at the Skopje-based railway station and airport "Alexander the Great".
According to the Hydrometeorological Administration, weather will be moderately cloudy and cold with occasional snowfalls and north winds across the entire country.
Morning temperatures will range from -6C to 0C and daily from -5C to 1C.Similar weather in Skopje with temperatures up to -1C.

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