21 November 2010

Globochica breaks production record

Hydro power plant Globocica has generated the highest production since its establishment in 1966. With 252gWh, the power plant broke the record of 250gWh in 1986, power utility Elektrana Makedonije (ELEM) informed.

"Annual production of Globocica has been achieved already in July. The value of the result is of significant importance since the hydro power plant continues to generate power in accordance with the needs of the power system," reads the official statement of ELEM.

16 November 2010

Annual Award for the Best Promoter of Macedonia

Annual Award for the Best Promoter of Macedonia is a simple idea  to honor people who have Macedonia in their hearts and they tell others to fell in love with Macedonia. The Award is introduced to recognize achievements of extraordinary People from different walks of life, all over the world, who have one common goal: promotion of various Macedonian causes. A nominee could be a person (or group of persons) who in 2010 has actively promoted the Republic Macedonia and the country causes and interests, regardless of nationality, region of activities, field and form of promotional activities e.g. cultural, social, economic, tourism, political etc. The Award is honorary . The winner receives a special medal and the title of the Best Promoter of Macedonia.

Everybody can support and lobby for  favored candidates in a special Poll posted at the following link www.facebook.com/Macedonia.BestPromoterAward, where Contest Rules are also available. The Best Promoter of Macedonia Award is initiated and organized by the Macedonia Loves You Project www.macedonialovesyou.com. The contest is open, public and organized annually. Nomination period lasts from November 15th , 2010 until  January 15th, 2011. After the first medal is awarded special Web Page will be developed, presenting the winner and all nominees. Hopefully , this will create a forum for Macedonian Promoters from all over the world. The medal is for one but winners are all!

15 November 2010

4th mobile operator in Macedonia

Macedonian Electronic Communications Agency (AEK) has informed that company WTI Macedonia was the first to apply as a virtual mobile operator on the Macedonian market.
This means that the company has the right to use networks of other operators in Macedonia in order to provide services to Macedonian citizens.

For the purpose, the AEK allocated 100,000 numbers to WTI, which the company will be able to sell on its SIM cards. The Netherlands-based company will reportedly start operating in Macedonia in two to three months.