30 July 2012

Macedonia represented at Washington Diaspora Forum

Macedonian representatives take part at the Second Annual Global Diaspora Forum, which U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton opened in Washington on Wednesday.

“By tapping into the experiences, the energy, the expertise of diaspora communities, we can reverse the so-called ‘brain drain’ that slows progress in so many countries around the world, and instead offer the benefits of the ‘brain gain’. In terms of international development and our work to reduce poverty and improve lives, this can be a game-changing effort. But that is not all. It is also a recipe for spurring greater economic growth in the United States as well. And it holds the promise of advancing strategic interests like rebuilding societies after conflicts or disasters and improving relations with key countries”, said Clinton at the forum opening.

Opportunities for utilizing the Macedonian diaspora worldwide was the topic of discussion at the meeting of Macedonian MPs with the United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD). MPs Ilija Dimovski, Aleksandar Spasenovski, Marijan Nikolov, Rexhep Ismaili and Lence Nikolovska, who are paying a study visit to the U.S. Congress, met with UMD president Meto Koloski, referring to ways for improved use of potentials of Macedonian diaspora.

MP Ivanova said SDSM supported the voting of Macedonian nationals abroad at elections in Macedonia, but added that the way in which 2011 elections were organized was not appropriate. VMRO-DPMNE’s Spasenovski voiced belief that response would improve at the next elections.

Koloski stressed public in Macedonia should be better acquainted with activities of Macedonians in the diaspora, but also with the economic effects, which are estimated at more than EUR 1 billion annually, i.e. one-fifth of the country’s GDP.

Photo: Ban Ki Moon arrives in Ohrid

Nimetz, Ban Ki Moon arrive in Macedonia

Aspects and possible dynamics for settling Skopje-Athens dispute, imposed by Greece, was in the focus of Tuesday's meeting of Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and UN mediator in the Greek-Macedonian name talks Matthew Nimetz.

At the meeting, Gruevski reaffirmed Macedonia's commitment, constructive approach to settling the matter and readiness for resuming the dynamic dialogue in favor of finding a solution, the Government Information Service said in press release.
He expressed belief that Greece would follow the suit, saying that it was necessary for Athens to also give priority to this matter, which is significant for the prospect of Macedonia and the region.

The PM expressed strong support of Nimetz's mandate and efforts thus far, saying that he was ready to hold direct meetings with Greek top officials in favor of creating positive climate for pushing the (name) negotiating process forward.
Later today Nimetz headed to Ohrid for a tete-a-tete meeting with President Gjorge Ivanov.

Nimetz will join UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who is arriving this evening for a two-day visit to Macedonia.
The UN envoy will depart for Solun on Thursday for a meeting with Greek negotiator Adamantios Vassilakis.

29 July 2012

Trnovo village hosts traditional gathering of Aegean Macedonians

Bitola-based Association of Aegean Macedonians organized Sunday in Trnovo village the 32nd border gathering of ethic Macedonians exiled from Greece during the 1946-49 Civil War.The Association says the event will bring together many guests from Macedonia and foreign countries."We remain committed to our goals, which means supporting of any government that stands for the rights of Macedonians and employing of young people. We will also stand against any person, group or government that promotes changing of Macedonia's constitutional name," Association's Honorary President Aleksandar Popovski said.The traditional gathering will enjoy the concert of folk ensembles from Bitola, Prilep and Japan.

26 July 2012

What Ohrid? Crowded beaches in Dojran

Beach on Dojran lake.

With the return of the water levels in Dojran Lake, this southern resort is popular once again.

Dojran is back this year with its characteristic charm. Dojran is full of visitors.
Just during the month of July Dojran has seen over 20,000 tourists, which is quite a number considering the fact in previous years there was half of that during the entire summer.

The city is completely revitalized and low prices and natural beauty lure visitors.
Dojran is a historic town in the southeastern part of Macedonia on the shores of Lake Dojran, which was destroyed in World War II when it had only 18,000 inhabitants.

Today three settlements around Dojran Lake have the same name: Star Dojran, Nov Dojran and Sretenovo.

Ilovica Mine under concession, investments to reach EUR 700 million

Concessioning agreement over mine "Ilovica" was signed last week, whereas concrete exploitation activities are to begin very soon, said Economy Minister Valon Saraqini on Wednesday.

According to the plan of concessionaire "Euromax", investments will reach EUR 700 million.
Saraqini said the mine held 120 tonnes of gold and 700,000 tonnes of copper, which represents only 30 percent of the total concessioning field.
"If research is to resume in the remaining 70 percent of the concessioning field, there is big probability of finding other gold and copper reserves", said the Economy Minister at a press conference.

Polish evening at Ohrid Summer

A Polish evening will be held at "Ohrid Summer" on Tuesday, including a soloist concert of pianist Joanna Trzeciak in cathedral church "St.Sophia".
The programme includes pieces by Szymanovsky, Chopin and Beethoven.
Joanna Trzeciak graduated from Warsaw Conservatory, under prof. Jan Ekier. During her studies, she won a scholarship from the Chopin Foundation. In 1978, she was selected by the Polish Ministry of Culture to specialize at Moscow Conservatory. Trzeciak developed rich international career, performing in Europe, USA, Canada, Brazil, Uruguay, Lebanon and other countries. She has performed as a soloist with renowned orchestras and has given recitals at famous festivals and concert halls. Trzeciak is also an accomplished chamber musician. After recording LP's in Poland, Germany and Belgium, her first CD appeared in 1990 under the Pavane label with music by Szymanowski. A new edition followed in 1993 with the first Sonata and 4 Rondo's by Chopin. During the last few years Joanna Trzeciak discovered the music of Johann Nepomuk Hummel. As a result she has recorded 2 CD's with the "World first recording" program. She received a very enthusiastic international reviews, inter alia, five diapasons. In December 2006 she recorded the recital for KNS Classical with Chopin's 5 Polonaises and Rachmaninov's 5 Etudes-tableaux op.39. In October 2010, the Chopin Year, she received the Award of Merit of Polish Minister of Culture.
The concert is supported by the Polish Embassy to Macedonia.

Macedonia to take part at Moscow book fair

Macedonia will take part at the 25. Moscow International Book Fair (September 5-10), organized by Skopje-based publishing house "Makedonska Rec".
Macedonian literature will be represented by selected works from the past three years, but also books by Macedonian authors translated in other languages, primarily in Russian.
"Makedonska Rec" has also prepared a special publication for the fair - Top 10 Macedonian Novels of the 21. Century in Russian language.
The Moscow International Book Fair, annually held  at the beginning of September, is among the biggest exhibits in the world.

Skopje marks 49th anniversary of disastrous Earthquake

Delegations of parliament, government, president's cabinet, ARM, City of Skopje as well as officials of the diplomatic corps, political parties and Red Cross laid Thursday fresh flowers on the monument of the earthquake's victims in Butel cemetery marking the 49th anniversary Skopje earthquake.

The Red Cross of the City of Skopje will organise traditional humanitarian blood donation action in Army House.
Literary reading "Poetesses for this city" will be held and an exhibition "First journalist report from destroyed Skopje" will open Thursday evening in the Museum of the City of Skopje.

A broken clock marking the time of the earthquake, 5:17am, remains at the scene. The severe earthquake left some 80 percent of Skopje in ruins, with 1.070 dead persons and more than 200.000 homeless. Relief in money including medical, engineering, and building teams with supplies, came from 78 countries. From this day onward, Skopje was called the 'City of International Solidarity.'

In the days after the earthquake, 35 nations asked the United Nations General Assembly to put relief for Skopje on its agenda, and a campaign directed at national governments and international agencies began to identify resources to assist in recovery efforts. As the General Assembly stated in resolution 1882 of 14 October 1963, the spirit of international solidarity demonstrated in the aftermath of the Skopje earthquake transformed the reconstruction effort into a symbol of friendship and brotherhood among peoples.

Prior to 1900, the seismic history of Skopje, as part of the Vardar seismic zone, is practically reduced to a rather brief description of the earthquake catastrophes of Scupi in 518 A.D. and that of Skopje in 1555. The old Scupi was situated about 4-5 km northwest of the center of the present Skopje. As ground fissure extending over 45 km in length and up to 4 meters in width is reported for this earthquake, it seems that it is the strongest shock that has ever occurred in Macedonia. The earthquake of 1555 is said to have demolished a part of Skopje. Both earthquakes are estimated to be of strong intensity.

23 July 2012

6th Lokumfest begins in Bitola

The 6. Lokumfest, including artists from Macedonia and abroad, has started in Bitola.
A photograph exhibition titled "Handicrafts in Bitola" is held in culture center "Magaza" in cooperation with the regional crafts' chamber.
The event will also include performances by musical ensembles "Kolektif Istanbul" from Turkey, "Kynnes Kabale" from Denmark, "Orthodox Celts" from Serbia, "Ofir" from Spain, along with Macedonia's "Sirma Vojvoda" and "Starovski Band".
The Bitola craftsmen association is the event's partner, with members holding exhibits of authentic creations and antiques during the festival.

Event Krusevo Ethno-Town begins

Krusevo inhabitants are preparing for this year's event "Krusevo Ethno-Town", which is held in recent years in light and during holiday Ilinden-August 2.
They wear folk costumes, rebels (komitadji) and wealthy men apparels, thus depicting the image of the historic 1903 to tourists.
An old bazaar komitadji evening is held in the town over the weekend.
The event's formal opening is set for July 26 in front of the Ilinden monument, including the performances by numerous cultural-artistic clubs.

16 July 2012

50th Galicnik Wedding Festival starts

Danica Torteska (27) and Trajce Lozanoski (29) are the bride and groom that will be married in a Galicnik-style wedding this year. The annual Galicnik Wedding Festival, now in its 50th year, is held on Saturday and Sunday.
The bride will be dressed in 47 different pieces of clothing, each heavily embroidered and decorated with handmade ornaments and carvings, and weighing some 25 kilos in all.
This year, four more couples applied to be wed in the Galicnik Wedding. Only one couple is chosen and at least one of the partners must have roots in the village to be eligible.
The ceremony takes place over the weekend with the central manifestation and the wedding taking place on Sunday in the church "Sts. Peter and Paul".
The Galicnik Wedding Festival is a manifestation that has been turned into a tourist attraction in the past 50 years. It includes 30 wedding customs characteristic for that region. Weddings in Galicnik always took place around the religious holiday of St. Peter's Day, when economic immigrant returned to their homeland.

52. Ohrid Summer festival kicks off

The oratorio "Romeo and Juliet", a stage spectacle including over 200 Macedonian and international artists of all genres opened late Thursday the 52. Ohrid Summer Festival, the country's largest musical-stage event.
President Gjorge Ivanov, the festival’s patron, declared the event for opened by welcoming the audience at Ohrid Antique Theatre. The festival was opened hour and a half later due to bad weather in Ohrid.
"Before us is yet another summer devoted to art. Another Ohrid Summer Festival filled with music, drama, dance," Ivanov said, reminding that more than half a century the Ohrid Summer Festival has been a home of Macedonian, European and world art, an open house in which renown artists from all around the world keep coming back to share their moments of inspiration with the loyal audience.
"In the past decades, more than 10,000 participants from 56 countries have extinguished the thirst of the audience. Thirst for the aesthetic, beautiful and valuable. This would not have been possible without the generations of Macedonian artists and organizers who have left mark with their dedication. It is a venture worth of admiration, a venture that makes Macedonia especially proud," the President said.
Speaking about the art, he said it "beautifies life and enriches the soul."
"Every art requires courage. Just like love, which always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres, and, never fails. It is timeless, as is the story of Romeo and Juliet. And yet, timeless love is in need of timeless space. Space that binds past, present and future. Indeed, is there a more natural ambience for celebration of love than this centuries-old temple of art? Temple in which the citizens of Lychnidos were ennobled," Ivanov said.
Actors, musicians, ballet dancers, opera singers, designers will perform this year at the big stage, united in their purpose to resume the tradition of giving beauty to the biggest festival in the region.
Besides "Romeo and Juliet", theater-goers will have the chance to attend the performances of Vaclav Havel's "The Beggar's Opera", produced by the Albanian National Theater, "The Beginning of Nations" by Jordan Plevnes in production of the Skopje Drama Theater, "Bloody Wedding" by Julia Pascal - to be performed by London's Pascal Theater Company and Giovanni Boccaccio's "The Decameron" by the Macedonian National Theater and the Theater for Children and Youth in Skopje.
The drama program also includes this year's theater sensation - the play "Henry VI" by the Bitola National Theater, which represented Macedonia at the Cultural Olympiad in London. The centenary of the death of the genius playwright August Strindberg will be marked with a performance of his play "Miss Julie".
Theaters from Turkey, Slovenia and Bulgaria will also present their productions.
The musical program of this year's edition was prepared based on the concept of including as many top artists as possible, who haven't performed before in Ohrid.
The concert by one of the most exciting jazz artists, Dominican pianist Michel Camilo - scheduled on July 16 - is in this year's focus of interest. Festival's birthday, August 4, will be celebrated with a concert by Perpetuum Jazzile, a Slovenian choir that performs jazz and popular music.
The festival will also see performances by world-renowned piano and violin virtuosos from Russia, France, Cyprus, Albania, Italy, Czech Republic...
The host country will be represented at the festival by the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra with a concert on July 26 devoted to domestic composers.

Corendon tour operator to launch charter flights to Ohrid airport next year

Ohrid airport from the north.

As a result of the interest of tourists from Benelux countries and their positive experiences after spending their summer holidays on the Ohrid and Struga riviera for a second year in a row, the Dutch tour operator "Corendon" has decided to put into use six charter flights per week to the Ohrid-based "St. Paul the Apostle" airport as of next year.
"Corendon" representatives have been staying in Ohrid to sign an agreement on cooperation for three more seasons that stipulates an increase in the number of booked hotel rooms for arrangements of the Dutch tour operator.
"We've decided to extend the contract with our Macedonian partner 'Fibula Air Travel' for three more years. As of next season, two more weekly charter flights from Brussels will be introduced. We are planning in Ohrid to bring over 20.000 tourists from Benelux countries," said Corendon manager Atilay Uslu.
Corendon managers estimate that this season over 15.000 tourists from Benelux countries will spend their summer holidays in Macedonia.
The Dutch tour operator included Macedonia in its tourist offer last year and an agreement was signed for the next three seasons i.e. 2012, 2013 and 2014 due to the huge interest by tourists from Benelux to visit Macedonia. This year, the agreement has been extended for the 2015 season.

09 July 2012

Janakieski: Construction of railway Corridor 8 to begin next spring

The construction of the railway corridor 8, a section from Kumanovo to Beljakovce is to begin on February or March 2013, Minister of Transport and Communications Mile Janakieski said at Sunday’s press conference.
The talks with European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) are underway from which funds at amount of EUR 46.4 million are to be provided this year and the construction of section from Kumanovo to Beljakovce is to begin during 2013 and to be completed in 2017, Janakieski said.
He added that grant has been approved from Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF) instrument for selection of consultants, which will monitor Kumanovo – Beljakovce section at amount of EUR 2.5 million.
Public Enterprise Macedonian Railways Infrastructure on March 29, 2012 signed agreement with Austria’s consulting company ILF which is to prepare the project and tender documentation for selection of construction company. In September the public call will be announced for engagement of construction company and on February or March next year the construction works from Kumanovo to Beljakovce section will begin, he added.
European bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and European Investment Bank (EIB) pointed out the necessity of breaking the contracts that Public Enterprise Macedonian Railways Infrastructure had signed with construction companies as pre-condition for future credit loans, Janakieski said.
That’s why government at its last session proposed law on cease of valid of law on providing fund for financing programme for construction of railway track approved in 1994.
In regard to Beljakovce – Kriva Palanka section, Janakieski said that European Investment Bank informed them in a letter that they will enter the investment of the project for which EUR 145 million are needed for the construction works.
Related to Kriva Palanka – Deve Bair section, Janakieski said that it is most difficult and most expensive section. Ministry of Transport and Communications has submitted request to IPA for providing funds at amount of EUR 2 million for preparation of basic projects.
This section is estimated to cost EUR 332 million, funds which would be provided by IPA, EBRD and EIB, Janakieski said adding that the construction of the section is planned to begin in 2017 and to end in 5-year deadline.

Prilep hosts Festival of Folk Instruments and Songs Pece Atanasovski

The 38th Festival of Folk Instruments and Songs "Pece Atanasovski" opened late Saturday in Prilep.
Around 220 participants from Macedonia, Serbia and US will compete on folk instruments such as bagpipes, horns, drums, mandolins and flute.
Prior to official festival's opening a monument of Pece Atanasovski, famous Macedonian bagpiper, was unveiled in Prilep downtown.
- Pece is the man originating from this region, he took the authentic music from Prilep and Dolneni and presented it everywhere, Prilep mayor Marjan Ristevski said who unveiled the monument together with director of the festival Vesna Atanasovska Vucic.
The competition part of the festival continues Sunday. An expert jury will select the best performers by age groups, soloists, and ensembles. Pece Atanasovski's bagpipe will be presented to the best foreign performer.
The festival is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Prilep Local Self-Government and supported by Dolneni municipality.

50th Galicnik Wedding Festival to take place on July 14-15

Danica Torteska (27) and Trajce Lozanoski (29) are the bride and groom that will be married in a Galicnik-style wedding this year. The annual Galicnik Wedding Festival, now in its 50th year, will take place on July 14-15.

"We are surprised and delighted that we have been chosen. I've always wanted to be a bride in a Galicnik Wedding," Torteska, who hails from Galicnik, told a press conference on Thursday. She will be dressed in 47 different pieces of clothing, each heavily embroidered and decorated with handmade ornaments and carvings, and weighing some 25 kilos in all.
This year, four more couples applied to be wed in the Galicnik Wedding. Only one couple is chosen and at least one of the partners must have roots in the village to be eligible.

The ceremony takes place over the weekend with the central manifestation and the wedding taking place on Sunday in the church "Sts. Peter and Paul".

he Galicnik Wedding Festival is a manifestation that has been turned into a tourist attraction in the past 50 years. It includes 30 wedding customs characteristic for that region. Weddings in Galicnik always took place around the religious holiday of St. Peter's Day, when economic immigrant returned to their homeland.

Over 740 million denars of subsides paid to vine growers

The state has paid the subsidies to vine growers and wineries in full. The Government has paid over 740 million denars to 23.500 farmers.

"More than 740 million denars have been paid to vine growers and wineries. Farmers and vine growers in the future can count on the government's support, because the finances are not only significant for vine growers and wineries, but also for the economy in general," Vice PM and Finance Minister Zoran Stavreski stated Friday in Negotino.

At a meeting with Negotino businessmen, the FinMin urged them to use the 100 million euros provided through the European Investment Bank.
"I urged them to withdraw finances from the 100 million euros provided through the European Investment Bank. I believe the funds will help companies to endure the new European crisis," Stavreski stated.

Long-term measures taken by the government were also discussed at the meeting as well as the gasification project in Macedonia.
Minister Stavreski said that the Russian market offered a huge potential for export of Macedonian agricultural products, adding that export had been significantly bolstered in recent years.

05 July 2012

Stavreski: Successful visit to Russia – Macedonia part of South Stream

Two projects will wrap up construction of gasification network in Macedonia and will enable country to be part of the most significant international gas corridor, Deputy PM and Finance Minister Zoran Stavreski said after the visit to Russia, assessing it as very successful.
- As a result of the latest visit of PM Nikola Gruevski and meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin we have already received an offer by the Russian side, i.e. draft agreement for Macedonia’s joining to ‘South Stream’ which is most important corridor that supplies entire Europe with gas and provides energy stability and security to Macedonia for all future generations. The second project, for which we have already accomplished concrete progress, i.e. we have signed memorandum for cooperation with Stroytransgaz company, which will participate in construction of a national gas pipeline network, we have already firm time frame in which all activities previously prepared will be conducted, Stavreski said.
The projects will provide improvement of competitiveness of Macedonian economy, stable gas supply to Macedonian households and companies thus helping them to get safe energy resource, which will be ecological and cheaper. At the same time it is a step forward in construction of a national gas pipeline network.
- I believe that in the next months we will make additional efforts and to wrap up all activities and to begin the construction of national gas pipeline system by year’s end. Depending on details, it is yet to be determined when the Macedonian leg will be built, but it is important that Macedonia will be part of ‘South Stream,’ Stavreski said.

Indians interested in investing in Macedonia

An Indian delegation, led by the wife of billionaire Subrata Roy - the founder and chairman of the Sahara India Pariwar - which arrived in Skopje yesterday, has been completed after a second plane landed. Now, it includes 45 people, who will travel to Ohrid during the day.
Roy's wife, who is company's vice-chairman, is accompanied by his son and a famous movie producer from India, who will visit locations where some of the films produced by their company could be shot in the future.
The delegation, which was received by PM Nikola Gruevski on Tuesday evening, have shown interested in investments in tourism, agriculture, mines...
The director of the Directorate for Technological and Industrial Development Zones, Viktor Mizo is accompanying the delegation upon its visit to Macedonia. It is also hosted by Macedonia's promoter in India, Toni Atanasovski and several representatives of the Agency for Foreign Investments, free zones and the Agency for the Promotion and Support of Tourism.
The delegation is expected to stay in Macedonia till Monday.
Those included in the visiting delegation are experts from various fields and are tasked with collecting data for in-depth analysis. They said that Subrata Roy had presented his impressions from Macedonia to many businessmen and friends in India.
In addition to meeting with the premier, on Tuesday the delegation went sightseeing in Skopje.
Billionaire Subrata Roy is one of the most influential people and the largest private employer in India. He employs 2 million people and has a capital of US$65 billion. His diversified business has interest in financial services, housing finance, mutual funds, life insurance, city development, real estate activities, print and television media, film production, sports, information technology, health care, tourism, hospitality and consumer products. The chairman of Sahara India Pariwar visited Macedonia two weeks ago, when he announced his plans for a huge investment in Macedonia.

Minister Kanceska-Milevska opens gift shop in Dojran

Skopje, 2 July 2012 (MIA) - Culture Minister Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska Monday will pay a working visit to Dojran.
During the visit, Kanceska-Milevska will open souvenir shop as part of Ministry of Culture project for opening 20 unified tourism-cultural points.
She will also visit "St. Prorok Ilija" monastery.

A gift shop was opened Monday in Gevgelija, which will be managed by the Museum of Gevgelija. The shop is one of the 20 facilities opened by the Ministry of Culture across Macedonia.
The gift shop, where tourists will be able to purchase replicas of artifacts of the rich cultural heritage of Macedonia, was opened by Minister of Culture Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska.
"Dojran deserves such a facility, which is of great importance for all those who visit the town to learn about our cultural heritage and to bring with them a valuable souvenir or to get a tourist info brochure," Kanceska-Milevska stated.
The minister accompanied by Dojran mayor Gligor Cabulev also visited the church "St. Prophet Elijah". Built in 1848 by Macedonian leading constructors, it was destroyed in 1916 during a bombing of Dojran in the First World War.
Archaeological diggings, conservation and restoration activities are under way in order the church to be fully restored by 2016 on the centenary of its destruction. ba/17:14

03 July 2012

"Amazing Macedonia" awarded at International Tourist Film Festival in Italy

The extended version of film project "Amazing Macedonia" has won international recognition - special award for exceptional quality contribution in cultural, historical and environmental presentation of Macedonia at the 50th International Tourist Film Festival, which took place last month in Lecce, Italy.

In a competition of 313 films from 51 countries worldwide, Macedonian film produced by Third Ear, arouse special attention and was welcomed with huge applause by numerous guests, journalists and hosts of the oldest festival of tourist films in the world.

- The special award has pleasantly surprised me because this is the fourth international award for a period less than a year. I have already announced a large world promotion of the film and I am glad that so far it is promoted successfully, film producer Ivo Jankoski said.

02 July 2012

Russians, Dutch, Israelis top foreign toursts to Skopje

Monday, 25 June 2012
Although foreign tourists to the capital leave no stone unturned, they too have specific favorite destinations:
1. Alexander the Great Fountain
3. Kale

Wizz Air to invest US$ 80 million, open 300 jobs in Macedonia

Hungarian airline "Wizz Air" announced Wednesday the operating of six new destinations from Macedonia, supported by Government's subsidies.
After the agreement's signing with Minister of Transport and Communications Mile Janakieski, Wizz Air Executive Vice-President John Stephenson said the investment regarding the new destinations would cost them US$ 80 million, accompanied by the opening of 300 new jobs.

As of October 28, Wizz Air will launch flights to Dortmund and Eindhoven, with prices for one-way ticket starting from EUR 12,99 and 17,99 respectively. Two weekly flights are also scheduled for Malmo, Milan and Munich starting from October 29, with ticket prices ranging from EUR 8,99 to 17,99 for a one-way ticket. Moreover, Wizz Air will fly to Basel three times a week as of October 30, with ticket prices starting at EUR 17,99.
According to Stephenson, Wizz Air will introduce flights to and from Brussels starting from next summer, with Rome and Barcelona in their thoughts, depending on the citizens' needs.

The airline is planning to employ local staff. The pilots will initially be foreigners, but would later be recruited from the country's professionals.
In line with the three-year agreement, the Government will allocate Denar 306 million (EUR 5 million) in subsidies.
Minister Janakieski said the new destinations are attractive, suiting the citizens' needs.

Heatwave in Macedonia, drivers warned to follow rules

Drivers to obey traffic rules and regulations, to respect traffic signs and to adjust their speed while driving, while motorists are obliged to wear protective equipment. These general recommendations, experts say, need to be taken into consideration in the summer when the number of traffic accidents is on the rise, according to statistics.

"Most traffic accidents with severe consequences in Macedonia are registered in the months of July and August," shows a research "The Impact of High Temperatures in the Summer on Road Traffic Safety", presented Wednesday at the National Road Traffic Safety Council.
"Anyone can cause a car crash or become a victim in an accident. Hence, the behaviour of all participants in traffic is essential. Drivers must not improvise, they must act with responsibility, respect traffic signs and adjust their speed," Interior Minister Gordana Jankuloska said.

The Council and the Red Cross of Macedonia have signed a memorandum of cooperation on carrying out activities focused on informing and educating people about the consequences of rising temperatures on health.