12 June 2010

Macedonia observes Air Force Day

A special line-up and parade of the members of ARM’s Wing will mark the Day of ARM Air Force.
The development of the Macedonian Air Force and Air Defence Forces started from scratch in 1992, when air force command and air defense command was established within the Army of the Republic of Macedonia (ARM),
In 1994, the then command of air force and air defense force acquired the first transport helicopters Mi-17.
In 2001, the air force acquired Mi-24V Hind-E combat helicopters, UH-1H Huey helicopters and warplanes Sukhoi Su-25.
The Macedonian Air Force and Air Defense Forces underwent several reorganizations and changes. In October 2003, the Strategic Defense Review was written, outlining the future of the Macedonian Armed Forces with the emphasis on more flexibility, better integration and future NATO partnership.
By the end of 2005, the Macedonian Air Force would cease to exist all together. Instead, the air arm of the Macedonian Armed Forces would become “Wing” and report to the newly created Joint Operations Command. The Wing structure would also be different from the previous Macedonian Air Force squadron structure, with squadrons renamed or disbanded and new squadrons created.
The ceremony will be held at the Petrovec-based Straso Pinndjur Military Barracks.