23 November 2009

TV video "Macedonian Wine - Timeless" promoted

T-Rex production in cooperation with the Government promoted Friday a new video in the Macedonia Timeless series, whose aim is to promote Macedonian wine. The Euro 120.000 video, which will be aired on global TV channels, was directed by Ivo Trajkov, written by Zlatko Kalenikov and actor Nikola Ristanovski stars in it.
The video was shot at vineyards characteristic for Macedonia, in the wine cellars of Bovin and Skovin and at famous Macedonian sites. - This video is what our wine needs, because it presents the entire process of production - from vineyards to bottling to branding. The goal is to inform the world about the unique taste and centuries-long tradition, Minister of Agriculture, Forstry and Water Management Ljupco Dimovski stated after seeing the video.
Screenwriter Kalenikov said the video illustrated in the best possible manner that wine had been produced in Macedonia for centuries. - The idea was to illustrate the tradition of making and drinking wine in Macedonia through the three main ways of wine tasting - color, scent and taste. Color brings us back in ancient time, scent in 19th century and taste reflects modern times, said Kalenikov.
- I'm glad we've made a commercial which first and foremost has a story and concrete objective. Only the quality of our wine needs to be promoted.
This is the goal of Government's propaganda, director Trajkov stated. Due to favourable geographical location and weather conditions, Macedonia has myriad opportunities to produce quality wine, which thus far was not promoted enough or branded.

18 November 2009

Macedonia plants new 7,5 million Trees

Under motto 'Imagine Macedonia in Green', Macedonia organizes Friday fourth campaign 'Tree Day-Plant Your Future', when 7,5 million seedlings are to be planted in 32 municipalities throughout the country. The 'Tree Day-Plant Your Future' Association offers free bus transport for citizens from 0800 to 1400h. It appeals for citizens massive support of the campaign for reforestation of the country the country and raising the ecological awareness.
To this affect, the Government has declared Friday as a non-working day. On the first showing in the spring of 2008, more than 150,000 Macedonians planted 2 million trees in one day (symbolically, one for each citizen).
Six million more were planted in November, while this March the event saw a combined 5 million trees planted nationwide by a diverse network of volunteers.
Organizers say the next spring campaign will also include Albania, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Serbia and Slovenia. Macedonia and the Tree Day will be the centre of developing ecological awareness and afforestation in neighbouring countries, they say.

13 November 2009

European Parliament recommends visa annulment as of December 19

The European Parliament adopted Thursday a resolution recommending the annulment of visas for Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro as of December 19, instead of the European Commission proposed date of January 1, 2010. In the debate that began late Wednesday MEPs supported the visa-free regime for the three countries, while Euro-Commissioner Jacques Barrot hailed the decision as "historic".
EP rapporteur for visa liberalization, Slovenian deputy Tanja Fajon voiced her satisfaction due to the visa abolishment of the three countries, "which citizens were more isolated and had more limited rights and freedoms than the period of former Yugoslavia".
The EP resolution is not binding, but has political weight in passing EU decisions. The EU Council of Home Affairs Ministers should adopt the final decision on the visa-free regime for Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro on November 30 or December 1.
The decision is not passed by consensus, but requires support from two-thirds of Union member-states. If adopted, the decision should be published in the EU Official Journal and enters into force on the 20th day from its publishing.
The EC recommended the annulment of the visa barrier for citizens of Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro on July 15. Thus, countries' nationals would be exempted from the long-standing procedures of getting visas, whereas free EU travel would significantly contribute to the Euro-integration of Balkan countries.

09 November 2009

Coming up: 5 Star Hotel in Ohrid

A luxury five-star hotel is going to be built at Ohrid Lake, Macedonia. Ohrid-based Trudbenik and Macedonian businessman living in America Spiro Trajcevski signed the agreement on joint investment in the hotel construction.
The hotel is USD 33 million worth and will be built on an attractive location with the surface area of 15,000 square meters. The construction should begin in March and should be completed in two years.

Croatian PM to visit Macedonia

Croatia's Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor will visit Macedonia on Tuesday, after receiving an invitation by her counterpart Macedonia's Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski. "Croatia's PM is scheduled to meet government officials and will participate at the Macedonian-Croatian economic forum", Croatian government said. Kosor will also meet with Macedonia's President Gjorge Ivanov and President of Parliament Trajko Veljanovski.

04 November 2009

Macedonia gets First Snow for 2009

Snow blanketed the mountainous areas in Macedonia on Wednesday, causing traffic disruptions across the country. AMSM reported traffic disruptions on roads and highways in much of the country, especially in the mountainous areas. Rain showers mixed with snowfall slowed down the traffic as well. Heavy snowfall was reported in Straza, Bukovo, Gjavato, Pletvar and Preseka.
Motorists have been advised to take extra precautions while driving on the road from the town of Kriva Palanka to border crossing of Deve Bair, and from Struga to border crossing of Qafasan given the wet roads and fast-melting snow. Hydro-Meteorological Institute says three centimeters of snow blanketed Mavrovo.

02 November 2009

Tourist offer for Germans

Representatives of six travel agencies from Germany stayed in Macedonia in the past four days so that they could see its beauties, cultural-historic wealth and the entire tourist offer of the country. The first contact with these travel agencies was realised in the biggest fair for group travels, which was held in Köln in August, and in which 4 travel agencies from Macedonia participated. The visit of German travel agencies is a part of the project of opening the Western European market for group travels for travel agencies in the Balkans. Website www.balkan-schaetze.com was formed in connection to the project and it presents the wealth of the Balkans.