11 October 2013

Gruevski congratulates citizens October 11, People's Uprising day

Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski extended Thursday greetings on October 11 - People's Uprising Day.
"This day symbolizes the people's struggle for freedom, which put an end to the fascist occupation, a day symbolizing the great victory based on the values of freedom and human dignity", says PM Gruevski.

The struggle put Macedonia on the victorious side - the grand coalition of European countries fighting for peace, freedom, democracy and respect of human rights.

"By celebrating this day and remembering the victims, we bow before the altar of all fallen fighters for free and independent Macedonia, resuming our efforts to create new deeds and values", says Gruevski.
He adds that October 11 pays homage to a glorious part of the country's history, which gives inspiration for success, perseverance and personal sacrifice towards the progress and development of modern Macedonia.

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