04 January 2012

Arch "Macedonia" to open first in 2012

Arch "Macedonia" is the first structure to be promoted by the Ministry of Culture in 2012, reportedly in January.
Motifs from Macedonian history and tradition are included in the facade of the arch, designed by Valentina Stevanovska - the same artist who designed the monument "Warrior on a Horseback" at the Macedonian square.
The arch is part of the Ministry's project of erecting 35 sculptures in Skopje's downtown. The three willows in river Vardar will be unveiled by February, thus encircling the entire project.
The Old Skopje Theatre is expected to open in the second half of the year. Construction operations will develop depending on the winter's severity. There are intensive activities in all stages of the theatre's construction.
The Veles Theatre and the Macedonian Philharmonic concert hall are expected to be opened in 2013.

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