18 June 2012

Culture event "Tri Krusi" begins

Skopje, 16 June 2012 (MIA) - Kisela Voda municipality hosts 7. culture-entertainment event "Cultural Summer - Tri Krusi", held in the amphitheatre of recreational center Tri Krusi.
Starting from Saturday up to August 18, citizens will be able to see weekend cultural performances, including ensembles and cultural-art clubs from Macedonia and abroad, singers, theatres, and chamber choirs.
Children festival will also be held, including pupils from Kisela Voda elementary schools.

49. Racin Meetings close

Veles, 16 June 2012 (MIA) - The 49. Rain Meetings closed late on Friday with the presentation of awards in Veles' Youth Park.
Veles Mayor Goran Petrov and Racin Meetings chairman Todor Calovskki presented the 2012 Honorary Racin Award to Greek author and publisher Kostas Valetas for promotion of Macedonian literature and culture beyond Macedonia's borders.
"This award represents a continuation of the cooperation between the two nations. I am overjoyed to receive this award, because it bears the name of Racin, who I carry in my heart, alongside Blaze Koneski and several other Macedonian authors. I will continue to translate Macedonian literature in Greek and promoted the cultural values of your people and other Balkan nations", said Valetas.
The 2012 Racin Award was presented to author Hristo Petreski for his novel "The Elevator is Not for Two".
"This award is prestigious, since it bears the name of Racin, who was an avant garde author in his time. He is the most social Macedonian author and people's poet", said Petreski.
Koco Racin (1908-1943) was a Macedonian revolutionary and author who is considered a founder of modern Macedonian literature. His poem collection White Dawns is one of the most important masterpieces in Macedonian modern literature. Racin wrote in prose too and created some significant works with themes from history, philosophy, and literary critique.

Macedonian-Russian academic conference in Ohrid

Ohrid, 17 June 2012 (MIA) - The 5. Macedonian-Russian academic conference, organized by the Skopje-based Faculty of Philology "Blaze Koneski", begins in Ohrid on Sunday.
Skopje University "Ss.Cyril and Methodius" Rector Velimir Stojkovski, Russian Ambassador to Macedonia Oleg Shcherbak and Faculty of Philology Dean Maksim Karanfilovski are set to address the conference opening.

Indian Billionaire Subrata Roy visits Macedonia

Indian billionaire Subrata Roy, who is founder and chairman of the Sahara India Pariwar company pays Friday an official visit to Macedonia.

Subrata, as one of the most influential persons and largest employer in India, comes to Macedonia upon an invitation of the Government extended during their economic tour in India. He will visit several locations where he could invest in different sectors as agriculture, education and tourism.

Subrata employs 2 million people and has a capital of US$65 billion. His diversified business has interest in financial services, housing finance, mutual funds, life insurance, city development, real estate activities, print and television media, film production, sports, information technology, health care, tourism, hospitality and consumer products.

15 June 2012

Free Wi-Fi at Skopje Railroad Station

Skopje, 14 June 2012 (MIA) - Free Wi-Fi will be available at the Skopje Railroad Station as of Thursday noon.
The free Internet will be available in the passenger section and the station platforms.
The Wi-Fi project, implemented by Macedonian Railways-Infrastructure, aims at securing free Internet at stations throughout Macedonia.

Wizz Air to add Six new flights from Skopje

As of November 2012, Macedonian citizens will be able to fly from Skopje’s Alexander the Great Airport to six new low-cost flights of the Hungarian airline Wizz Air with Government’s subsidies.
Minister of Transport and Communications Mile Jankieski and Deputy Prime Ministers Zoran Stavreski and Vladimir Pesevski announced this at Thursday's press conference presenting the government’s decision to subsiding Wizz Air, company that was chosen as a result of the international tender call to low-cost airlines which offers government subsidies to those willing to operate flights to Macedonian capital.
Wizz Air flights will be subsided over the next 3 years. As of Oct. 28 should launch flights to Milan, Eindhoven, Dortmund and Munch twice a week, as of Oct. 29 flights to Malmo twice a week as well as flights to Basel three times a week as of Oct. 30.

07 June 2012

FlyDubai to offer two weekly flights Skopje - Dubai

Macedonia's Civil Aviation Directorate has confirmed that flights between Skopje and Dubai will commence by the end of the year.

MINA exclusively reported last week that Flydubai had begun a feasibility study into launching flights to the Macedonia's capital, with word of a possible two weekly service. 

The Directorate states that the flights will be possible from September onwards when Macedonia and the United Arab Emirates finalise an air services agreement. “By the end of the year the route should be launched”, the Directorate says.

FlyDubai has already listed Macedonia's capital as a destination and is selling tickets for September onwards. Rountrup airfare from Skopje to Dubai is listed at 490 euros.

Promotion of Macedonian wines in New York

Skopje, 6 June 2012 (MIA) - In the framework of the week-long United States promotion of Macedonian wines, eight Macedonian wineries will present Wednesday their products before renowned distributors and wine importers from New York, as well as most influential wine critics in the U.S.
The promotion aims at securing favorable reviews for wineries, as well as direct talks for increased distribution of Macedonian wines at the U.S. market.
The Macedonian wines were presented in Chicago, Washington over the past week. The Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion has said most of U.S. importers and distributors demonstrated interest to include Macedonian wines in their portfolios.
The U.S. promotion of Macedonian wines is organized by the Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion, in cooperation with the Macedonian Embassy in Washington, Consulates in New York and Chicago, and USAID projects AgBiz and IDEAS. Products by eight Macedonian wineries - Bovin, Dudin, Dalvina, Popova Kula, Stobi, Tikves, Kamnik and Ezimit - are presented at the events.