04 January 2012

Top 10 Moments for Macedonia in 2011

Although Macedonians witnessed many great things in 2011 both home and outside, here are the Top 10 memorable moments for 2011.

10. ICJ Win over Greece
-The ICJ win was expected, therefore it is placed at #10. One doesn't need to be an international scholar to figure out Greece functioned outside the legal norms and international laws. The nice thing of the ICJ win for Macedonia is that it echoed world wide! This certainly explains the undiplomatic language and nervousness displayed by Greek politicians the last few weeks.

9. New Bus Fleet for Skopje
- Perflectly timed, while Skopje is undergoing architectural modernization, the new bus fleet of single and double deck busses was the icing on the cake.

8. New Investments = More Jobs
- Macedonia saw more investments in 2011, than in the last 30 years combined! Numerous foreign companies (US, British, German, Russian, Italian, Turkish...) opened shops in the capital and other cities across the country. Some of the companies are Johnson Controls, Johnson Matthey, Kromberg and Schubert, Kemet Electronics, Prodis etc.

7. New Streets
-The city of Skopje invested millions of Euros to improve the infrastructure in the capital which was famous for its small streets and massive traffic jams. Thanks to the new investments, the streets have at least doubled in width, many are expanded, new boulevards and roads added to the infrastructure. Skopje's road infrastructure had not been previously upgraded for decades.

6. 20th Anniversary
-On September 8th, Macedonia celebrated its 20th anniversary. What a spectacle at a time when Macedonia started their run on the European championship in basketball in Lithuania.

5. Tose Proeski Memorial House #1 Architectural design in the world
-Tose Proeski's memorial building in Krusevo was voted #1 architectural design in the world.

4. New Airports
- Finally, Skopje's old airport became history and was replaced with a state of the art Airport, ten times bigger than the previous. With the new airport, numerous foreign airlines signed up which brought down airfares significantly! Now, Macedonians can enjoy a weekend in Venice for less than 100 euros. Ohrid's airport was also upgraded.

3. Alexander the Great Monument
- The Alexander the Great statue is a spectacular monument placed in downtown Skopje which has become the tourist attraction in the capital city. Today the location of this monument is utilized for Macedonians to celebrate holidays, sport wins etc.

2. European Champs in Karate
-Natasa Ilievska and Dejan Nedev both were crowned European champions in karate for 2011.

1. Macedonian Basketball Team
Went into the European championship hoping they will get to the second round, ended up playing for a medal.
Each game they played their hearts out, provided a true example of how one should play for the national team. 

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