30 October 2013

Archeological excavations at Crkviste site continue

Excavations at the archaeological site of Crkviste in the Kumanovo village of Klecovce will resume with financial support still being provided by the Ministry of Culture, it was announced on Wednesday.

"For us it is crucial the site to be discovered, restored and put into function as a cultural tourism attraction. One of the main priorities of the ministry and the government in general is the preservation of cultural heritage at archaeological sites. The ministry through its annual programme singles out funds for excavations across the country," stated Culture Minister Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska.
She announced that more finances would be set aside for excavations at Crkviste next year.

The archaeological site of Crkviste - one of the oldest buildings unearthed in Macedonia - is a large church complex with 35 meters of length and 13 meters of width. It is located in the vicinity of Kokino. 

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