12 October 2013

Macedonians in Albania urge opening of Consulate in Korca

Representatives of Macedonians in Albania urged President Gjorge Ivanov at Thursday's meeting in Pogradec over the opening of a Macedonian consulate in Korca.

"We ask that the Korca consulate has the required administration, so that we are not forced to travel to Tirana for embassy services", says Vasil Sterjovski, secretary-general of the Macedonian Alliance for European Integration.

According to him, a Macedonian consulate in Korca is of exceptional significance, since it is the administrative city of the namesake municipality, including a population of 220,000.

"Korca also includes areas populated by Macedonians. This consulate will maintain closer contacts with the Macedonian people in the region, who are severely hit by the Greek and Bulgarian propaganda", adds Sterjovski.

According to him, there is a Greek consulate in Korca, although there are no Greeks in the area.

"This consulate is working on the assimilation of Vlachs, Albanians, Roma, and Macedonians", stresses Sterjovski.

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