30 September 2010

Macedonian Sun Attractive to Foreigners

Wines of Macedonia
The Macedonian Energy Agency has received 57 requests for the construction of solar power plants. Interest in the construction of solar power plants has increased drastically, especially among foreign investors.

A year ago, Macedonia had only one solar power plant, and now it has ten, some of which have already been finished, while others are in the final construction phase.
Most potential investors (35 of them) are foreign investors or combined Macedonian and foreign companies, which want to built power plants of bigger capacity.
Information for investments in Macedonia, should be found at: http://investinmacedonia.com

26 September 2010

Fish specialties for the Dojran visitors

With a carp soup and other fish specialties, typical for the Dojran region, the Dojran citizens have celebrated the end of an successful tourism season.
Fish dishes in Dojran
"A Dojran soup of fish is made with Dojran carp, adding spices and at the end it gots it's whitey colour using eggs.", said Orhideja Georgieva, one of the participants.
With realized 141.000 nights (22% more than 2009), Dojran had the best tourism season, after the ecologic disaster. The citizens of Dojran, in fiture, will be expecting the tourists within the whole year, with cultural manifestations, like this one.
"I beleive that within time, we will contribute for the development of alternative tourism an that the old style of fishing will be turned into tourism as well", said Gligor Čabulev, major of Dojran.

Source: a1.com.mk

24 September 2010

Popova Sapka gets ready for night ski

Popova Šapka in summer
These days, Popova Sapka has started to get ready for the new ski season 2010/2011. Currently the channels of the little flows within the ski-resort are being paved, between Ceripasina and Golgota.
A square is planned to be built around the Popova Sapka hotel.
Night skiing and a new snow machine are among the improvements for the following season.
A new coffe-tea bar (Bacilo) is planned to be built, with a capacity of 300 skiers, which would work even at night during the weekend.

19 September 2010

Bing is a Fan

The Macedonian town of Debar found itself on the front page of Microsoft's search engine "Bing" www.bing.com. As Bing explained, the beautiful lake on the photo is artificial lake "Spilje" near the town of Debar."Apart from the natural beatuies around the city of Debar, the city itself is very old and has been a part of the Roman and the Ottoman empires," explains Bing.
Bing - Debar lake

For the residents of Debar, Bing's front page was the best promo the city could have received. 
Bing's monthly visits have reached to around 300 million. This also isn't the first time Bing has shown photos of Macedonia.

13 September 2010

09 September 2010

Macedonia marks 19 years of independence

Macedonia (September 8th) is marking 19 years of its independence Wednesday (September 8th). During a referendum on September 8th 1991, 95% of Macedonians voted in favour of independence. Macedonia has established diplomatic relations with 160 countries so far and has been recognised under its constitutional name by 125 states. On the eve of the holiday, Parliament Speaker Trajko Veljanovski hosted a reception, saying Macedonia remains committed to its EU and NATO bids and to efforts to resolve its long-standing name dispute with Greece.

05 September 2010

Reporters from Czech Republic in Ohrid

Group of Czech reporters have arrived in Macedonia yesterday, and will stay until September 8th. The group is about to visit Ohrid, Struga, Galicica, Mavrovo and Skopje. Their visit is discover the tourism potential of Macedonia. The visit is being organized by the Economic promotor of Macedonia in the Czech Republic & Slovakia, Danco Vidov, and by the Agency for Promotion & Support of tourism.

-Our goal is to make the interest for the Czech tourist to visit Macedonia, so the country can finaly enter the tourist map of the Czech touroperators, - mentioned Vidov for MIA.