25 January 2012

Czech Airlines suspending Prague-Skopje flights

The Czech airline CSA will suspend its direct flights between Skopje and Prague and vice versa by the end of the 2011/2012 winter season i.e. on March 24, MIA reported from the Czech capital.
"Prague-Skopje direct flights are unfortunately not profitable. Moreover, the direct flights are not incorporated into the main model used by Czech Airlines, its spokesperson Hana Hejskova told local media.
The Skopje-Prague-Skopje direct flight was introduced on 17 May 2005. Prague was promoted as one of the most popular European destinations connecting passengers with several cities worldwide.
The Czech national airline ended 2011 with a decrease in the number of passengers by 7.5%, which is a result of company's efforts to cut down air-crafts and flights as a way to tackle the current crisis.

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