28 July 2013

Horsemen to start Ilinden March to Krusevo

Twenty-five horsemen will start Saturday in Skopje the traditional Ilinden March, in light of the 110th anniversary of the Ilinden Uprising.

The horsemen are scheduled to arrive in Krusevo on August 2 -the Ilinden Uprising Day.

The 35. Ilinden March is organized by the association "Ilinden March 1978", under the auspices of Aerodrom municipality.

26 July 2013

Skopje remembers 1963 earthquake

Skopje marks Friday the 50. anniversary from the 1963 catastrophic earthquake, in which 1,070 people lost their lives, while 3,000 were injured.

Numerous delegations and citizens laid flowers at the monument of the perished in the earthquake at the Skopje city cemetery, including Parliament Speaker Trajko Veljanoski, Skopje Mayor Koce Trajanovski, PM's Cabinet representatives, political parties, city's municipalities, Red Cross, Macedonian Army, as well as foreign delegations, UNICEF etc.
The Red Cross of the City of Skopje organized the traditional humanitarian blood donation campaign, whereas a religious service was held in church "St.Kliment Ohridski".

This evening's official programme includes poetry reading "To Skopje with Love" in front of the Museum of the City of Skopje, while exhibition titled "26 July 1963" will open in museum's premises.

Multimedia project "Skopje Remembers" will be held at Macedonia Square, whereas the Macedonian Cultural Centre will screen a 24-hour film marathon, along with exhibition "Show Your Hope".
A broken clock marking the time of the earthquake, 5:17 a.m., remains at the scene. The severe earthquake left some 80 percent of Skopje in ruins, with 1.070 dead persons and more than 200.000 homeless.
Relief in money and kind, including medical, engineering, and building teams with supplies, came from 78 countries. From this, Skopje was called the 'City of International Solidarity.'

In the days after the earthquake, 35 nations asked the United Nations General Assembly to put relief for Skopje on its agenda, and a campaign directed at national governments and international agencies began to identify resources to assist in recovery efforts. As the General Assembly stated in resolution 1882 of 14 October 1963, the spirit of international solidarity demonstrated in the aftermath of the Skopje earthquake transformed the reconstruction effort into a symbol of friendship and brotherhood among peoples.

Prior to 1900, the seismic history of Skopje, as part of the Vardar seismic zone, is practically reduced to a rather brief description of the earthquake catastrophes of Scupi in 518 A.D. and that of Skopje in 1555. The old Scupi was situated about 4-5 km northwest of the center of the present Skopje. As ground fissure extending over 45 km in length and up to 4 meters in width is reported for this earthquake, it seems that it is the strongest shock that has ever occurred in Macedonia. The earthquake of 1555 is said to have demolished a part of Skopje. Both earthquakes are estimated to be of strong intensity.

25 July 2013

German support for ELEM energy projects

Germany will provide support in the amount of EUR 35 million for two energy projects of Macedonian Power Plants (ELEM). EUR 15 million will be used for completion of the Wind Farm Bogdanci, whereas the remaining EUR 20 million for revitalization project of Spilje 2 hydro plant.
Vice Premier and Finance Minister Zoran Stavreski and German Ambassador to Macedonia Gudrun Steinacker signed Thursday an agreement between the Governments of Macedonia and Germany over financial cooperation in "Programme Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies Stage III", as well as the loan agreement between Germany's KfW bank and ELEM.

"Today's signing of the agreement secures funds required for realization of significant projects in the sector of renewable energy sources, thus getting closer to the objective of 20-percent electricity production from such sources by 2020", said Minister Stavreski after the signing.

He stressed the EUR 15 million for the Bogdanci Wind Farm would complete its construction, whereas the EUR 20 million for Spilje 2 hydro plant would increase its output.

Ambassador Steinacker hoped the realization of the two projects would not represent the end of the bilateral cooperation.
"I believe these projects will be the start of further cooperation in the energy field between the two countries", added Steinacker.

KfW bank representative Esther Gravenkoetter said the bank has invested EUR 270 million in Macedonia thus far.

"We would like to support Macedonia on its road to the EU and electricity production without greenhouse gas emissions. The Bogdanci Wind Farm will supply more than 20,000 families with pure wind-produced energy in less than two years", she added.

ELEM director Dejan Boskovski said the financial framework of the first wind-generated facility for electricity production has been confirmed.
"The windmills are currently in Thessaloniki and their mounting should start by the end of August. If everything goes according to plans, we expect the wind farm to become a part of Macedonia's energy system by the year-end", said Boskovski.

He added the increase of Spilje hydro plant's installed capacity by 70mw would up the share of electricity production from renewable energy sources.

17 July 2013

Starting December direct flights Skopje - Berlin

Minister of Transport, Communications Mile Janakieski and representatives of a German carrier agreed Wednesday on launching a direct Skopje-Berlin flight in December.

As of December 20, the carrier 'Fly Germania' will offer a direct flight from Skopje to Berlin to the citizens of Macedonia every Monday and Friday, the Ministry of Transport and Communications said in a press release.
The meeting also reviewed possibilities for the German carrier to also introduce flights to Hamburg, Stuttgart and Frankfurt.

The German carrier, established 26 years ago, operates with a fleet of 18 passenger aircraft.

The Ministry believes that an introduction of new destinations will increase the number of passengers, as well as the frequency of flights within Macedonia's air space.
The Ministry will keep working on attracting new, renowned airlines to operate in Macedonia, the press release reads.

16 July 2013

Macedonia - Greece railway traffic interrupted

Macedonia-Greece railroad traffic is interrupted due to the strike of employees in the Greek public transport sector.

The Ministry of Interior has said the traffic will be interrupted until midnight.

13 July 2013

Take a peek into the new Aqua Park

Entrance fee is 300 denars. For kids under the age of 4, entrance is free.

09 July 2013

Skopje 2014 wins award at Zagreb Tour Film Festival

The promotional film "Skopje 2014" wins 3rd award at the Zagreb Tour Film Festival which was held July 3-5 in Mimara Museum in Zagreb.

The award is in category of films up to 2 minutes, in a competition of over 300 promotional films from 56 countries worldwide.

The festival is a member of International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals (CIFFT) held under the Croatian President's patronage.

The festival's goal is to reward films and audiovisual productions that promote tourism in the following aspects: tourist destination, hotels and resorts, culture and tradition, rural tourism, adventure tourism, extreme sports, religious tourism...

The promotional film "Skopje 2014" is a created by Omega Communications Agency, produced by Kino Oko production company as part of government's Macedonia-Timeless project.

08 July 2013

British agro producers interested in Macedonian market

Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy Ljupco Dimovski met in London with British Minister of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs David Heath, urging UK businessmen to invest in Macedonia due to the benefits it offers, especially in the agriculture sector.
"Our doors are open for investments in production or distribution centers for agriculture products", said Dimovski after the meeting.

Minister Dimovski said Macedonia has harmonized regulations in line with EU requirements, achieving standards acceptable for the strict European market.

"The country's climate and soil enable quality agriculture products with a characteristic aroma, color and taste. The Government has implemented stimulative measures, whereas exports of Macedonian agriculture products has doubled, mainly at EU markets. We hope the quality will result in our increased presence at the British market", he added.

Minister Heath said British producers have shown interest for entry at the Macedonian market, while the UK market is open for Macedonian wine.

He stressed that UK-Macedonia relations are good, but there is room for increased cooperation. Heath offered support for improvement of the food quality and safety, as well as improvement of measures towards increased output.

Minister Dimovski was accompanied in London by Food and Veterinary Agency director Dejan Runtevski.

01 July 2013

Dutch tour operators in three day visit to Macedonia

Macedonia is a country with as much as 300 sunny days, its nature is breathtaking, however those how have already visited the country are in love with the people.
Their hospitality is especially evident with Dutch tourists who are considered friends by many Macedonians. I hope that in the coming three days you will feel these emotions. Macedonia is easy to love, and it is very difficult to leave the country, Dutch ambassador Marriet Schuurman told nearly a hundred representatives of travel organisations and tour operators from the Netherlands upon arriving in Ohrid on Friday.

Schuurman encouraged the Dutch tourism officials, led by CEO of TUI tour operator Steven van der Heijden, to establish as many contacts as possible during their stay in Macedonia in order to invest and seek ways for cooperation with the local business community.

Van der Heijden in his brief speech said that the first impressions from the warm welcome have been more than promising.

"Most of us are here in Macedonia for the first time, but taking into consideration the fact how this visit is being planned by our associated in Macedonia and the local self-government, I think that it is very promising," he stressed.

The sale of arrangements for vacationing in Ohrid has been recording an upward trend in the Netherlands by 40%, it has been said.

According to data by the two largest tour operators that promote Macedonia as a tourist destination, more than 25 thousand arrangements are expected to be sold in Benelux countries this year and the number of charter flights carrying Dutch tourists to Macedonia to be increased. At the moment, four planes by TUI and three by Corendon land every week in Ohrid.

For three seasons in a row, tourists from Benelux countries (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg) are the most frequent foreign visitors in Ohrid and Macedonia.