10 November 2013

Matka Divers find church foundations

Divers of speleo-diving club "Vrelo" and diving club "Akvatek" found Sunday remains of foundations, believed to be of an old Macedonian church, during their underwater expedition in the waters of lake Matka near Skopje.

The campaign aimed at researching and documenting the lake bottom structure.

"Prior to the construction of the Matka dam, the so-called Road of Strength was located here, which linked Macedonia's northeast with the southwest. We wanted to locate, research and map all archaeological sites, which are now under water", said Vrelo president Kiro Angeleski.

The campaign was also environmental, with divers mapping waste locations that are set to be cleaned.

The campaign is part the 2013 global programme GUWAA (Global Under Water Awareness Association).

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