09 January 2012

4 Meters of Snow on Kozuf Mountain

Kozuf covered with snow.
Heavy snow and cold weather has gripped Macedonia, making roads slippery and causing traffic problems across the country,  local media reported.
Motorists traveling through mountain passes and high mountain areas are advised to be very careful.
The roads leading to about ten villages in the Kožuf mountains are not passable. Kožuf has registered an incredible 4m of snow! Snow clearing machinery is operating.
The snow is up to 2m deep in the southern village of Konopiste and other nearby villages. Dozens of vehicles got stranded on the roads in the Kožuf mountains on Saturday.
Due to freezing temperatures and black ice, trucks are banned from traveling on the road between Berovo and Strumica in Eastern Macedonia.
Motorists are advised to drive at a low speed and greater distance and be prepared for winter driving.
The adverse weather conditions left capital Skopje, Bitola and the mountainous regions of Tetovo, Gostivar and Kumanovo without electricity on Christmas day. Technicians have restored power everywhere, though warn if the snow continues, more problems may reappear.

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