22 October 2013

Jinping-Ivanov: China prepared to give Macedonia a hand

People's Republic of China and the Republic of Macedonia have achieved the highest level of bilateral relations, agreed countries' Presidents Xi Jinping and Gjorge Ivanov on Tuesday, MIA reports from Beijing.

"Our political relations have intensified over the past two decades, which is seen by the high-level meetings, progress and mutual cooperation in diverse areas. China is prepared to give Macedonia a hand towards accelerated development of bilateral relations", said Chinese President Jinping at the meeting.

He announced cooperation with Macedonia in construction and infrastructure projects, agriculture and other sectors - education, culture, Chinese traditional medicine - thus stimulating swift development of bilateral relations.

President Ivanov also stressed that bilateral relations have reached the highest level thus far.

Interlocutors referred to the cooperation established over the past 20 years of diplomatic ties, multilateral support in global terms, bilateral support in international organizations, economic cooperation etc.

"We agreed that political cooperation has intensified to the highest level through meetings between Presidents, PMs, Parliament Speakers", said Ivanov.

Pertaining to economic cooperation, the presidents stressed it has intensified over the years, resulting in the lowering of the trade deficit.

"We showed interest for increased presence of Macedonian products at the Chinese market. In this context, we mentioned the initiative put forward by the Chinese PM over the opening of a free zone for Chinese companies in Macedonia", added Ivanov.

He also referred to the US$10 billion pool that China has allocated for infrastructure projects in Central nd Eastern Europe.

"Macedonia is the first country to finalize its project. Following an approval by the Parliament, Macedonia will be able to use the funds for the construction of motorways Miladinovci-Stip and Ohrid-Kicevo", said Ivanov.

Interlocutors also tackled the initiative over the use of Chinese traditional medicine in Macedonia's health system.

On Wednesday, President Ivanov will attend the opening of the 14. Western China International Fair in Chengdu, where he is set to deliver an address titled "Balanced Development and Common Prosperity".

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