31 July 2010

Macedonians Vacation at Home... 20% increase

Ever more Macedonian citizens have started to discover their own country. The number of Macedonian tourists marked a growth of 20 percent this year, above all because of campaigns such as "Discover Macedonia", but also due to the crisis because it’s cheaper for people to vacation at home, said Zoran Nikolovski, the head of the Economy Ministry’s Tourism Sector.

According to Macedonia’s media, an increase in the number of Macedonian tourists who vacation at home is expected this year because of the crisis.
Moreover, according to the latest data by Macedonia’s State Statistical Office, the number of tourists in May went up 0.8 percent in comparison to May 2009, while the number of overnights went up 13.8 percent.

27 July 2010

Travel Channel: Macedonia an exciting destination

Starting from September the Travel Channel International will broadcast a 30-minute documentary about Macedonia's tourist potentials and natural resources.

The documentary 'Essential Macedonia & Travel Today' will depict the country's essence by presenting its natural, historic and cultural treasury and images of the every-day life of its citizens, movie's producer Ged Celugh said Thursday at a press conference.

The documentary will be presented in 20 languages and 120 countries across the globe for the next three years. 

The Travel Channel International has chosen to reserch Macedonia as it reflects the network's concept for a series of documentaries about interesting, exciting destinations, Celugh said.

Presenter Danny Robins is satisfied with Macedonia's hospitality, delicious food, possibilities for mountain biking, the Ohrid Lake beauty, wine tourism and dazzling landscape.

Our knowledge about Macedonia is poor, so the country is a kind of mystery we are about to reveal, Robins said.

23 July 2010

"Krusevo ethno-town" event begins

The pigeons and fluttering flag in front of the Makedonium memorial at Gumenje marked Saturday evening the start of "Krusevo ethno-town" event.
According to that project, Krusevo shall look like a town from the beginning of the 20th century, while it was the centre of the Ilinden Uprising in 1903, leading to the creation of the first Republic on the Balkans, The Krusevo Republic. People will be dressed like Ottoman Turks and Macedonian revolutionary freedom fighters.
Deputy PM Vasko Naumovski, Culture Minister Elizabeta Kancevska Mileska, Interior Minister Gordana Jankuloska and Minister of Transport and Communications Mile Janakieski all dressed in folk costumes, attended the event.
Culture Minister Kancevska Mileska said that she was satisfied with the presentation of traditional customs, architecture, cultural heritage of Krusevo and Macedonia in the frames of the event, which was supported by UNESCO through the Ministry of Culture.
EU Ambassador Erwan Fouere also attended the event dressed like revolutionary freedom fighter who said that this ethno-project which promotes tourism and rich tradition is excellent.

19 July 2010

New secret discovered at cave Vrelo

The divers have discovered large quantity of sufficient oxygen, on a depth of 120 meters. The measurements determined that the hall has a 19.8 percent oxygen, which is enough breathing man.

- They also found droppings and bats, suggesting that this part of the underwater cave is life. It suggests that somewhere
there’s a supply of oxygen and that there is input through which the bats enter – said Vasil Sokolov, diver from Vrelo.
MANU, the Macedonian Academy of Sciense and Arts has taken part in the cave Vrelo research process.

17 July 2010

Countdown to Prilep Beer Fest 2010

The 8th annual Beer Fest will open Thursday evening on Prilep main square.
Over 300.000 guests are expected to attend the festival where 18 types of beer and famous grill from Prilep and Leskovac will be offered.
Many renowned beer producers from the Balkans and beyond will participate in this event.
The Beer Fest, which will last until July 18, many famous music stars and bands will perform.

14 July 2010

50th Ohrid Summer Festival opens

 Opening ceremony of the 50th Ohrid Summer Festival will be held Monday evening in the Antique Theatre with a concert of Russian National Orchestra and Macedonian pianist Simon Trpceski conducted by Mikhail Pletnev.

The concert as maestro Pletnev announced will include pieces by the great Russian composers - Fourth Symphony of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and great concert of Sergei Rachmaninoff.

- Simon Trpceski is part of the new generation of artists who will represent the classical art with dignity in the future. Today there is a lack of great artists, but I hope that coming generations will raise the level of classical music, the conductor Pletnev said.

Pletnev said he was amazed by the beauties of Ohrid, its cultural heritage and history.

Jubilee festival’s edition will offer numerous performances of domestic and foreign artists, ensembles, soloists, chamber structures, theatre and ballet plays.

Up to August 20, visitors will see 25 concerts, 13 theatre plays, one ballet performance and one opera gala-concert.

The music section is comprised of tours by world-renowned names, such as violinist Julian Rachlin, pianists Peter Laul, Nikolai Lugansky, Ramzi Yassa and Denis Matsuev, as well as numerous artists from Switzerland, Serbia, Russia, Austria, Albania, Slovenia, Germany, Egypt, Hungary and Czech Republic.

Domestic musicians will hold eight concerts, including the Macedonian Philharmonic, Youth Chamber Orchestra, Macedonian Opera and Ballet etc.

The dramatic part includes eight Macedonian theatre performances and five tours.

13 July 2010

Macedonia revamps Blace Border Crossing

Blace border crossing will be modernized in line with European standards. A new facility will be built for customs administration, police and phytosanitary and veterinary inspection. A building for control of buses and passengers will be constructed as well, while traffic lanes will be expanded.
This was stated Sunday by Vice Premier and Finance Minister Zoran Stavreski marking the start of construction works for a section for light vehicles, buses and passengers at Blace border crossing.
He informed that the new border crossing was expected to bolster permeability at the border towards Kosovo two to threefold compared to the current situation, as well as the security and safety of passengers.
- The modern border crossing has many benefits, not only improved traffic and alleviated cross-border trade, but also Macedonian products will have a better access on European markets and better competitiveness, said Stavreski adding the project wouldn't have been realised without the funds allocated by the World Bank.
Kosovo is one of Macedonia's top ten trade partners with $324 million trade exchange accomplished last year. - In trade exchange, Macedonia has the biggest surplus with Kosovo. Hence, the importance of this project is even greater, because it will enable the trade exchange to be intensified by facilitating the flow of goods and services, said Stavreski.
Minister of Economy Fatmir Besimi said the project would significantly increase the economic and trade cooperation between Macedonia and Kosovo.
- Kosovo is an important trade and economic partner. The mutual cooperation needs to be expanded i.e. the communication between the countries to be alleviated, he stated.
Bekim Imeri, World Bank representative in Macedonia, said the modernization activities were part of the Trade and Transport Facilitation in Southeast Europe Project, financed by the World Bank.
The Euro 1.7 million project envisages the number of traffic lanes to be increased (four for entering and three for exiting) and a construction of modern facilities for conducting the necessary border and customs formalities. Construction works, which will be conducted by Granit company, are expected to be completed in 14 months. [ Macedonia borders ]

12 July 2010

Macedonia to invest 17 Mil. Euros for Faster Trains

Loan of EUR 17,500,000 will be used for improvement of railroad infrastructure of Corridor 10. The money has been provided by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and construction work is expected to start next year.

Four sections Tabanovce-Kumanovo, Miravci-Smokvica, Zgropolac-Negotin will be renovated by 2013. The investment should speed up the railroad traffic in Macedonia. Mile Janakieski, Macedonian transport minister says that Corridor 10 is of great importance for Macedonia because 90 percent of goods are transported by trains.

Moreover, Corridor 8 is still waiting for better recovery conditions to be established, the same goes for replacement of old trains. However, more than EUR 400 million have to be obtained first.

09 July 2010

Finnish tour-operator signs agreements with Struga, Ohrid hotels

Organized by the Agency for promotion and support of tourism and our economic promoter in Finland, Katerina Orovcanec in Macedonia for the first time stayed representatives of the largest Finnish tour operator "Aurinkomatkat" who signed contracts with several hotels from Ohrid and Struga coast for the next tourist season. As reported by the Agency for promotion and support of tourism, they had the opportunity to experience the tourist potentials of Macedonia, hotel facilities and the airport in Ohrid, after which they’ve decided to put Macedonia in their program in 2011.According to this, for the first time in Macedonian tourism opens the possibility, next year to establish a charter flight between Helsinki - Ohrid, which would begin from June 1 and would last until the end of August 2011. For this manner, the Agency for promotion of tourism and support the next year, will participate in the tourism fair held in Helsinki in the period from January 20 to 23. At the same time, several activities such as study trips, will be scheduled for Finnish journalists in Macedonia, promotion in printed media and other activities - a statement by the Agency to promote and support tourism.Finnish tour operator "Aurinkomatkat is part of the airline company Finn Air, which serves that 350,000 tourists from different destinations in Finland in the world.

08 July 2010

Macedonia timeless - Mountains

A new tourism video has been released.

Although easily accessible in the heart of southeastern Europe, Macedonia's ancient sites and natural beauty remain largely undiscovered.
Lose yourself in Macedonia's myths and its untouched mountains,feel the warmth of its people, enjoy fine accommodation and exotic food, hear new rhythms, dive in to centuries of unbroken tradition.