04 January 2012

Around €650 million will be spent for energy in 2012

Macedonia will provide 54% of total needs for energy from home sources and 46% of import in 2012 for which it will spend around €650 million.

Total consumption of energy in 2012 compared to 2011 will be higher by 4%. The electricity will be spent by 2.2%, natural gas by 10.1% and oil derivatives by 4.8%.
According to energy balance, the electricity will be dominant sources of energy with participation of over 40%.

The production of electricity from home sources is foreseen to amount 6.000 GWh and the rest to be purchased from import.
The consumption of oil and oil derivatives in 2012 will rise by 6.6%, i.e. 743.000 tonnes.
Starting from Jan. 1, 2012, electricity price will rise by 6.95%. The heating price in Skopje will also increase.

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