20 February 2013

Macedonia promoted at Tourism fair in Italy

As part of the planned fair presentations in 2013, the Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism promoted Macedonia at this year's BIT tourism fair, held on Feb. 14-17 in Milan, Italy.

Macedonia's tourism potentials were presented before tour operators and journalists from Italy as well as before potential tourists, featuring tasting of traditional Macedonian wine and food, the agency said on Tuesday.

The presentation was opened by Macedonia's consul general to Italy, Amon Bajramovski, who said in his speech that the countries' positive relations and excellent diplomatic, economic and political ties laid a foundation to expand the collaboration in the field of tourism.
Over 2,000 exhibitors from more than 120 countries promoted their tourism potentials at the four-day fair in Milan. Macedonia participated in the event for the first time.

18 February 2013

Fantastic new "Bridge of Art" unveiled in Skopje

16 February 2013

VanHool hiring 35 people for its Skopje location

The Belgian company Van Hool published Saturday job advertisement for 35 vacant positions in its production facility in Technological and Investment Development Zone - TIDZ Skopje 2 in Bunardzik.

The company which plans to produce buses in its new facility seeks workers in different positions as team leaders, carpenters, electricians, mechanics, controllers, coordinators, assistants…
Van Hool’s investment in production facility in TIDZ Skopje 2 is worth 20 million EUR and is expected to create 400 to 500 new job positions.

The facility is built on a parcel of 11.76 hectares and the production is expected to start in 2013. The planed annual production is 400 buses. The products will be exported to the U.S. and other markets.

Van Hool of Belgium manufactures approximately 1,400 busses and coaches and more than 4,000 units of semi-trailers, tank containers and other commercial vehicles annually. With a workforce of approximately 4,000 and annual turnover of over 450 million EUR, Van Hool is the largest integral bus manufacturing company in Western Europe. Van Hool holds major positions in different export markets. 80% of company’s production is exported to Europe, America, Africa, and Asia.

09 February 2013

Recently opened Kozuv ski center flooded with Tourists

This year, during the first wave of tourists (6,000) at the newly constructed Kozuv ski center, over 3,500 came from Greece.

Kozuv has had quite the impression on both domestic and foreign skiers, so much so, the World Tourist Agency at the UN will advertise and market the Macedonian ski resort in the next two years.
 Kozuv is only an hour and half by car to Solun, so each weekend the majority of the tourists are from Solun.

 Two four star hotels are currently being built which will increase the sleeping capacity at the ski resort by 500 rooms. Thus far, the ski resot is very well known among skiers from the surrounding Balkan nations, however the plan via the UN is to make it known world wide. 
Everyone should experience the miles of open ski trails...

07 February 2013

Skopje drinking water among safest in Europe

Skopje drinking water is of highest quality, the safest in Europe after Vienna, said Thursday Stojan Srbinoski, director of the city's water distribution company.

He stressed citizens should not be concerned over the water quality with regards to quantity and quality for the coming 50 years at least.

"Besides regular controls of the drinking water, waste water analyses are also conducted", said Srbinoski during the visit to the company's Sanitation Center.
The Center carries out daily drinking water analyses from 36 measurement points, along with analyses of waste waters from 21 measurement points in the Skopje region.

05 February 2013

Treskavec Monastery gets 615,000 Den help from Government

The Government has granted one-time financial support of Denar 615.000 as first aid for renovation of the Treskavec monastery complex, damaged by fire this Monday. 
The Government entrusted the Ministry of Culture to design a complete project  for the monastery's reconstruction and restoration for one month at latest, Government spokesman Aleksandar Gjorgiev told reporters on Tuesday.

According to the project and cost-assessments, the Government will offer additional financial support for reconstruction of the damaged parts of the monastery complex.
A team of the Ministry of Interior is on the location to investigate the cause of the fire, Gjorgiev said.
Treskavec is one of the largest blocks of monasteries in Macedonia and a world-renowned monument of culture.

It has been caught by three massive fires in the past. The most recent one took place in 1990 when the monastery dormitories were completely damaged.
The monastery is situated on Mount Zlatovrv, 8 km north of Prilep. Built in the 12th century, it is known for being very inaccessible and has only one monk. The monastery possesses a large collection of Byzantine frescoes.