25 January 2012

NATO to pay $11.1M for Bridge upgrades in Macedonia

Bridges and roads across Macedonia will be reconstructed in the upcoming period under a NATO donation of EUR 8,6 million ($11.1m), Minister of Transport and Communications said after a session of the Government's Economic Council.
The Council is meeting once a week to address the economy related developments and set measures for bolstering Macedonia's growth.
Today, Janakievski said, the session reviewed the last year's conclusions and their realization, as well as the macroeconomic indicators.Commenting the European Commission analysis, which puts Macedonia as the second best among EU candidate and aspirant states regarding the 2011 GDP growth, Janakieski said it was a confirmation of the country's sound economic policies and an impetus for the relevant ministers to keep on with their activities in order to boost the economic growth.
Macedonia's GDP growth is one of the results of this Economic Council, Janakieski said, pointing out that the body will keep applying concrete measures to preserve this and reach the growth, projected by the Government for 2012.

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