01 October 2012

24-hour modernized control of goods and passengers at borders introduced

24-hour control of the transport of passengers and goods at borders is provided through the upgraded one-stop shop system on permits for import, export and transit of goods and tariff quotas (EXIM system), which is now an electronic link between the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Customs Administration.
"The introduction of the system on October 1 will be another blow to the unfair competition and time will be saved for controlling transporters," Transport Minister Mile Janakieski told a press conference held Wednesday with the director of the Customs Administration, Vanco Kargov.
The system will enable transport of good by local and foreign transporters to be completely registered, while illegal transportation will be reduced at the same time. Records will be kept for all kinds of transportation of passengers as they will be controlled and abuse of transport permits is set to be eliminated, according to him.
"Both the Ministry of Transport and the State Transport Inspectorate are going to have an insight into international transport in Macedonia and possible illegal transport. Economic operators on the other hand will cross borders for a shorter time. At the same time,  the accelerated control will significantly reduce and eliminate transition of foreign vehicles or buses on the territory of Macedonia that steal the businesses of local transporters," Kargov stated.

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