03 October 2012

Macedonian wine to be promoted in Netherlands and Poland

Eleven Macedonian wineries from the association "Wines from Macedonia" will promote their wines in the Hague and Warsaw from October 21 to 24.
Macedonian wineries including Tikvesh, Stobi, Skovin, Dalvina, Bovin, Popov, Dudin, Kamnik, Ezimit, Popova Kula and Filovski will present wines before Dutch and Polish connoisseurs of fine wines, importers and distributors.
According to the marketing strategy for exporting wine in the EU, prepared by the wineries, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia and Switzerland have been assessed as the most perspective markets for the Macedonian wine.
Dutch Centre for Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries (CBI) support the promotions. Macedonian embassies in the two countries and Agency for Foreign Investment and Export Promotion through its economic promoters are also included in the organisation of the promotional events.
So far, Macedonian wine was presented in Helsinki, Chicago, Washington and New York. As a result of wine promotion in China, seven wineries have already signed export contract. The promotions held during this year are supported by international donors - CBI and USAID.

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