28 September 2012

Government opens investment zones across Macedonia

In an attempt to attract foreign investments, the Government at a session has reached a decision to establish new technological industrial zone in Strumica.

The zone, covering an area of 24.800 square meters, will be equipped with energy, telecommunications, water management systems, where an administrative building and a customs terminal will be also located, Government spokesman Aleksandar Gjorgiev told a press conference on Wednesday.

"The zone will be of great importance for the local economic development of the region of Strumica. After completing all procedures, activities to construct the zone will be launched in the first quarter of 2013," Gjorgiev said.

The Government in line with the action plan, he added, is carrying out procedures to open technological industrial zones in Kicevo, Tetovo, Prilep, Gevgelija, Rankovce, Struga and Radovis as well.
"The opening of these zones demonstrates the Government's clear commitment to attract investments across the whole state. It will bring fresh quality in the business life of these regions and aims at enabling conditions for balanced economic development, the spokesman said.

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