27 October 2012

Inauguration of direct Skopje-Dubai flight


Macedonia has gotten its first link to the Middle East on Monday. Starting from today FlyDubai launches two Skopje-Dubai flights per week, namely on Monday and Thursday.
Skopje is FlyDubai's regional center for this part of the world.
"We are certain that the Macedonian route will be successful," low-cost carrier CEO Ghaith Al Ghaith said today at a press conference.
The new line will bring UAE tourists to Macedonia, who wish to get familiar with the country, he said.
"By adding Skopje as our destination, we connect UAE with yet another market that has been underserved thus far. This move demonstrates our commitment to the region and  offers more choice to our customers, increasing international travel options and avenues for trade," the CEO said.
The flights offers a network of 150 destinations to the citizens of Macedonia, including Australia and Middle East. The ticket price for Skopje-Dubai flight is at EUR 390.
This project will be beneficial for all involved parties, namely FlyDubai, Macedonia's Government and TAV Airports Holding, TAV Macedonia Director Murat Ornekol said.
"Launching of the direct Skopje-Dubai flight will be rather beneficial for the Macedonian Diaspora in Australia. It is also the case for citizens of Macedonia and their neighbours, who may now fly directly to Dubai from the Skopje Airport - Alexander the Great," Ornekol said.
Low-cost carriers, such as FlyDubai, offer flights at substantially lower prices in comparison to regular airliners, Minister of Transport and Communication Mile Janakieski said.
"Regions included in their network very often see swift economic development," he added.
Founded in March 2008, Flydubai is the first low fare airline based in Dubai with the fastest growth rate among the world's newly established airlines. Since the start of operations in June 2009, the company has developed a network of over 50 destinations in the Persian Gulf countries, Middle East, North Africa, Indian subcontinent, Asia and Central and Eastern Europe and a fleet of 26 aircrafts.

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