06 October 2012

The iBalkans Full 3.0 version

The iBalkans Full 3.0 version available on the Apple Store NOW!
Compatible with iOS 6.

Inter-cultural Communication in the Balkans is Easy Using an iPhone

An international consortium of language and technology experts has created an application for the Apple iPhone / iPod / iPad that allows easy intercultural communication between all Balkan languages. iBalkans is a multimedia, multilingual phrasebook for the relatively unstudied languages of the Balkans: Albanian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Greek, Macedonian, Romanian, Turkish, Serbian, Slovene and English, French, German and Russian. The unique application is built on the simple idea that "language is power" and that knowing to read and speak even a few simple phrases can help the visitor gain access to the rich local cultures.

iBalkans is truly a unique computer assisted language learning application intended for both visitors to the Balkans and people living there who wish to communicate with their neighbors across language barriers. It is much more than a travel phrasebook and allows the user to enter into the very center of the rich and varied Balkan cultures. With iBalkans loaded onto ones iPhone, visitors to any country in South Eastern Europe can easily communicate with the locals, thereby enabling trips off the beaten track and into the very heart of the Balkans.

The most remarkable feature of iBalkans is the phrases themselves. Phrases are divided into topics: Food and Drink, Travel, Essentials, Conflict-What Conflict?, Romance, Life on the Street and the innovative Ten Phrases that Can Save Your Life. Thus, iBalkans is a very contemporary phrasebook for all types of travelers. It contains all of the basic and traditional phrases found in most printed phrasebooks (days of the week, months, numbers, etc.) but it also contains many phrases that are unique to the Balkans and really represent the Balkan mentality ("I am on your side," "No thanks, I can't eat anymore," "I could drink all night!", or even "Try to be on time next time.").

The technology behind the application follows closely the features of Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch and the new iPad. It is easy to use and designed according to Apple's Human Interface guidelines. iBalkans is simple to download, install and learn. The user chooses his source language and target language and then scrolls through intuitively designed groups of phrases. The user chooses a phrase and immediately is provided its equivalent in the target language. The user reads the phrase and presses its button to hear the correct pronunciation by native speakers. It is easy to change source and target language so iBalkans can be used in any country in any language environment.

iBalkans is designed by language professionals and uses native speakers and guides for all languages. All multimedia elements were recorded in the Balkan countries. The sound quality is professional and the speakers are fully involved in the translation of phrases. iBalkans is also a pedagogically sound way to improve ones knowledge of any of these languages. Languages in non-roman scripts (Bulgarian, Greek and Macedonian) also include a handy transliteration button, which allows the user to easily read the phrase. The application includes a Quiz feature that allows the user to assess his knowledge.

iBalkans is a true multimedia phrasebook and includes 850 useful phrases for any combination of the Balkan languages. The flexible approach used to design the application fits the needs of different users in different language settings. The user has complete control over which languages he installs on the application and which phrases are to be highlighted. For example, an English-speaking visitor to the western parts of Macedonia may wish to install both Albanian and Macedonian as well as English as the three languages to be used. Or a French-speaking visitor to Serbian-populated areas of Romania may wish to install Romanian, Serbian as well as French. A Serbian tourist in Turkey may wish to add Turkish to his version of iBalkans.
It is easy to download iBalkans directly at Apple's iTunes or simply search for iBalkans for more details. iBalkans comes in two versions: iBalkans Full which contains all phrases in all languages and iBalkans which contains all phrases in 3 languages (the user choose which languages to install but can always add more languages later ). iBalkans costs $4.99 (with three languages) and additional languages cost $1.99. iBalkans Full costs $14.99. There is also a free version, iBalkans Lite, with only a few phrases.

iBalkans is designed and created by professional linguists and IT specialists and is intended for anyone wishing to communicate in these languages. It is a perfect companion for summer travels to Greece, Albania, Turkey, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Romania, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Slovenia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. For those travelling to the US, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, France, Germany and Russiait is the ideal way to make oneself understood on travels abroad. iBalkans is already being used on five continents by hundreds of diplomats, businessmen, students, travelers, tourists and NGO professionals.

Corporate Identity: iBalkans was conceived, designed and developed by an international consortium of language experts, pedagogists, translators, programmers and IT specialists. Vapa is quickly becoming a recognized leader in developing innovative cross-cultural communication applications, networks and training. Vapa also advise developers and designers on product development and work with universities, government agencies, NGOs, and industry to span the world's cultures.


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