27 September 2012

2nd Fair of Transport and Logistics opens in Skopje

Overhaul and construction of new projects in road and rail infrastructure will contribute to improving the state of Macedonian transportation and logistic sector, anticipating the economy to be revived.
This was concluded Wednesday at the opening of the second International Fair of Transport and Logistics, which brings together over 30 representatives of transportation and logistic companies from Macedonia and the region.
Economy Minister Valon Saraqini said that transport and logistic were one of the key factors in boosting trade exchange and contributed to improving the business climate, instigating economic development and connecting global economic courses.
"The government will resume its efforts and activities to improve road infrastructure and create conditions to develop the transportation sector," Saraqini said opening the fair.
Regional maritime ports in Thessaloniki and Durres, MCS shipping company and Chinese Cosco shipping company through Thessaloniki port, Macedonian Railroads Transport Skopje, FEDEX, Fershped, and many other companies are going to be promoted at the fair.
The 2nd International Fair of Transport and Logistics runs till September 29.

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