11 September 2012

Over 60.000 citizens to mark Independence Day at spectacular concert

The 21-year anniversary of country's independence will be marked Saturday evening at Philip II of Macedonian National Arena in Skopje with a spectacular concert dubbed 'Macedonian Heart Beats in 7/8', where local and Balkan pop stars will sing covers of traditional Macedonian songs.
Culture Minister Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska at a press conference ahead of the event expressed profound gratitude to the Macedonian musicians who perform Macedonian folk songs and to the Balkan artists who this evening will sing one of the most beautiful songs of country's folklore richness in Macedonian.
One of the biggest music spectacles since Macedonia's independence declaration will be held later in the day, according to organisers.
Croatian diva Tereza Kesovija, on behalf of all 25 performers, said that the concert "will be always remembered for uniting the nation and music from the region and as a concert that brings together the musical history of the Balkans and beyond in honor of Macedonia".
Igor Durlovski's performance of the national anthem will open the concert. Spectators will have an opportunity to enjoy the performances of the greatest Balkan singers: Josipa Lisac, Zeljko Bebek, Hari Varesanovic, Aleksandra Radovic, Boris Novkovic, Nina Badric, Tereza Kesovija, Dado Topic, Aki Rahimovski, Goran Karan, Sergej Cetkovic, Jelena Tomasevic, Antonija Sola, Kaliopi Bukle, Esma Redzepova, Karolina Goceva, Miki Jovanovski Dzafer, Risto Samardziev, Vlatko Lozanovski, Vlado Janevski and Oliver Mandic.
At the press conference, the stars congratulated Macedonia on its Independence Day saying it is an honor for them to be part of this grand project.

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