25 September 2012

EBRD awards companies with the best energy projects

"Evropa" - Skopje, "Kontihidroplast" - Gevgelija, "Kiro Dandaro" - Bitola and "Betasped" are some of the companies that invested in energy efficiency projects with EBRD funds. The WeBSEFF sustainable energy efficiency awards were presented Monday at a ceremony.
The business sector, the government and financial institutions concur that it is necessary and profitable to invest in energy efficiency.
Economy Minister Valon Saraqini said the awards showed that Macedonian companies were starting to invest in energy efficiency.
He noted that the government remained focused on improving energy efficiency and urging renewable energy sources to be used more since it was "a vital segment for the economy in the country."
EU Ambassador Aivo Orav stated that the energy efficiency of companies would not only cut down energy costs, but it would also improve their competitiveness.
EUR 12 million have been envisaged for energy efficiency projects in Macedonia through the WebSEFF (Western Balkans Sustainable Energy Financing Facility) programme.
WeBSEFF is a EUR 60 million credit line set up by the EBRD and available from local bank for investments that results in more sustainable energy use.

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