13 April 2012

Russian Co. to invest 6m Euros in Eastern Macedonia

Russian company will invest EUR 6 million for the construction of a facility for processing of meat industry waste in Macedonia's east, said Vice Premier and Finance Minister Zoran Stavreski after the completion of the country's economic presentation in Russia.
"As a result of the contacts we had here with the investor, as well as previous activities by the Macedonian promoter in Moscow, we can say with high degree of certainty that a fresh Russian investment is pending in Macedonia", said Stavreski.
The plant will process meat industry waste, which is to be used for medical and other purposes following the bio-technological process.
 According to Stavreski, the investor is set to come to Macedonia by the end of April and register a firm.
"Besides the importance of the investment, the most significant thing is the opening of new jobs, thus mitigating the unemployment problem in Macedonia's east", underlined the FinMin.

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