10 April 2012

Catholic believers celebrate Easter in Macedonia

Skopje, 8 April 2012 (MIA) - Bishop of Skopje and Apostolic Exarch of Macedonia, Monsignor Kiro Stojanov at an Easter liturgy held last night in the Skopje catholic church read an Easter message.
"Dear brothers and sisters - the celebration of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is the main event in the church year. For us, the believers, every holiday particularly the Easter holidays are not only a memory, they are occurring events of salvation."
"Easter is a celebration following the long road of soul-searching and prayers, lent and repentance. However, this year's Easter needs to be observed in honor of the experienced faith. The modern world is 'buried' in information, which makes it difficult for us to recognise the truth. The abundance of words and ideas suffocate our soul preventing it to focus on the true values. The freedom of the soul needs to be saved," the Bishop of Skopje said.
"I wish all of you happy and blessed Easter - Christ is Risen! Truly, He is Risen", Bishop Kiro Stojanov said in his message amongst other things. ba/12:17

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