23 April 2012

NATO grant for reconstruction of Corridor 10 bridges

A NATO grant of EUR 8.6 million will be used for the reconstruction of 13 bridges at road section Katlanovo-Veles, resulting from the memorandum of understanding over the project for overhaul of bridges along Corridor 10, which Minister of Transport and Communications Mile Janakieski and KFOR Chief of Staff, Brigadier-General Rex Spitler signed on Wednesday.
The reconstruction represents the third stage of the project, whereas the Faculty of Civil Engineering is set to develop the draft-plan in the coming three months.
Minister Janakieski said a public call for construction companies is to be announced by September, whereas the contractor should be selected by December.
"Works should start next spring and finish by the end of 2014", added Janakieski.
The two previous stages of the project, worth EUR 22,5 million, encompassed the reconstruction of 51 bridges at road sections Katlanovo-Veles, Skopje-Blace and Demir Kapija-Gevgelija

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