10 April 2012

Miracle in Skopje church attracts thousands

Saint Demetrius church, Skopje.

Followers from all over Macedonia come to Skopje-based church "St. Dimitrija", waiting in lines to witness the phenomenon of fresco self-cleansing.
Church priests say this is a miracle, meaning people should turn towards God more often.
The cleansing phenomenon began at weekend's holiday Cvetnici (Palm Sunday) on the fresco at the church's entrance, followed by other frescoes inside.
According to clergymen, a similar phenomenon was registered only in Russia in the 1930s, when natural colors of frescoes and icons began to re-emerge in one church.
Natural colors of the frescoes in the Skopje church re-emerge at the aureoles of saints, but also on portion of their garments painted in gold.
Some of the icons in church "St. Dimitrija" are 100 years old, whereas others were painted after the 1963 Skopje earthquake.

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