19 March 2012

Mak Hotels get a new ranking system

Macedonian hotel owners will face stiff new rules if they wish to keep their stars/ratings.
The Macedonian Ministry of Economy has created a rigorous set of rules that will apply for categorization and rankings for hotels to follow. For instance the new rules will mean some of the hotels will have to expand their rooms, others to have educated employees, pools, to accept credit cards etc.
The new law is already moving quickly through Parliament and will soon be passed.
According to the new rules, hotels with one star must have a minimum of 10 rooms. Those with three stars must have minimum of 15 rooms, while those with four and five stars must have a minimum of 20 rooms.
Each four star hotel must have a pool, and to earn the five stars ranking they must have at the very least a spa and a fitness center.
Regardless whether hotels are one or five stars, all must accept credit cards, while each employee must speak at least one foreign language.
Because Macedonia has many large hotels (more than 50 rooms), the law instructs each hotel to have at least one room designed for handicapped individuals for every 30 rooms. In the past it was for every 50 rooms.
According to the Ministry of Economy, out of the 200 hotels in the country, 190 are ranked. Eleven hotels have 5 stars.
All hotels will have two years after the passing of the law to meet the new requirements.

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