21 March 2012

Agreements on construction of 21 small hydro power plants

Twenty-one small hydro power plants with total installed capacity of 23MW and projected annual output of 87GWh are to be constructed in Macedonia over the next three years, an investment estimated at EUR 40 million.
Two Italian and eight Macedonian companies will build the hydro plants, following Monday's signing of the concession agreements at the Ministry of Economy.
Minister Valon Saraqini said the plants would be constructed at rivers Bistrica, Pena, Brza Voda, Kriva Reka, Odranska, Beloviska, Baciska, Jablanica, bringing the total number of concession agreements for small hydro plants to 68.
"The prior 47 agreements include plants with total installed capacity of 34,7MW and annual output of 140GWh", he added.
The total investment for all hydro power plants is worth EUR 100 million.The next procedure for allocation of water concessions for electricity production would be implemented by the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, in line with the Law on Waters.

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