19 March 2012

Before the Rain continues success 16 years after release

Film "Before the Rain" of Milco Mancevski resumes with its international success almost two decades after its premiere.
The film has recently been released by Brazil's "Luma Films". Director Frederico Machado says it is a great honor for them to distribute the film that triumphed at the 1995 Sao Paulo film festival.
"Before the Rain" has also appeared at the Chinese market. It is one of the most influential films in Chinese film academies.
The film has also been included in cycle "Great Films of the Short Century" in Tuscany, organized in cooperation with film academy "Anna Magnani". "Before the Rain" closes the revue, which presents classics, on May 14.
Moreover, Austrian director Goetz Spielmann has put Mancevski's film among the top ten films of all times, in the company of Fellini, Tarkowski, Antonioni etc.

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