14 March 2012

Macedonia Salon presentation in Budapest

Embassy of the Republic of Macedonia in Budapest hosted Thursday an evening discussion dedicated to the Republic of Macedonia titled "Macedonia Salon", organized in partnership with one of the leading Hungarian think-tanks "The New Society Salon".
The think-tank organizes monthly thematic salon evening discussions on given current topics from the domestic and international scene.
In front of over 100 Hungarian politicians, businessmen, journalists and NGOs representatives, Macedonia's Ambassador to Hungary Darko Angelov delivered a presentation on Macedonia, current political developments, economy and investment potentials, possibilities for enhanced trade and tourism cooperation, as well as brief outlook on Macedonian culture and history.
Hungarian Minister of State for Government Communications Zoltan Kovacs and editor-in-chief of the foreign policy desk at the Hungarian News Agency, Botond Heledy were also in attendance.
Macedonian wine was served at the event, whereas Hungarian trio of performers of traditional instruments led by Zoltan Szabo performed Macedonian folklore music.

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