21 March 2012

Artworks of colony "Vevcani Meetings" displayed in Skopje museum

Exhibition of 35 works created at international art colony "Vevcani Meetings" over the past two years will open in the Museum of the City of Skopje on Tuesday evening, organized by foundation for strategic research "Kiro Gligorov" and company "Via Vevcani".
The exhibition, to be open until April 1, includes artworks by painters from Macedonia, Serbia, Russia, Albania and Bulgaria.
"The colony aims to promote cultural values inspired by Vevcani's beauties, cultural monuments and its springs, but also to bring closer artists from Macedonia, the region and beyond", said Museum director Ljubica Kondijanova at Monday's press conference.
The Vevcani art colony is annually held by the end of June and the beginning of July.

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