26 July 2012

What Ohrid? Crowded beaches in Dojran

Beach on Dojran lake.

With the return of the water levels in Dojran Lake, this southern resort is popular once again.

Dojran is back this year with its characteristic charm. Dojran is full of visitors.
Just during the month of July Dojran has seen over 20,000 tourists, which is quite a number considering the fact in previous years there was half of that during the entire summer.

The city is completely revitalized and low prices and natural beauty lure visitors.
Dojran is a historic town in the southeastern part of Macedonia on the shores of Lake Dojran, which was destroyed in World War II when it had only 18,000 inhabitants.

Today three settlements around Dojran Lake have the same name: Star Dojran, Nov Dojran and Sretenovo.

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