09 July 2012

50th Galicnik Wedding Festival to take place on July 14-15

Danica Torteska (27) and Trajce Lozanoski (29) are the bride and groom that will be married in a Galicnik-style wedding this year. The annual Galicnik Wedding Festival, now in its 50th year, will take place on July 14-15.

"We are surprised and delighted that we have been chosen. I've always wanted to be a bride in a Galicnik Wedding," Torteska, who hails from Galicnik, told a press conference on Thursday. She will be dressed in 47 different pieces of clothing, each heavily embroidered and decorated with handmade ornaments and carvings, and weighing some 25 kilos in all.
This year, four more couples applied to be wed in the Galicnik Wedding. Only one couple is chosen and at least one of the partners must have roots in the village to be eligible.

The ceremony takes place over the weekend with the central manifestation and the wedding taking place on Sunday in the church "Sts. Peter and Paul".

he Galicnik Wedding Festival is a manifestation that has been turned into a tourist attraction in the past 50 years. It includes 30 wedding customs characteristic for that region. Weddings in Galicnik always took place around the religious holiday of St. Peter's Day, when economic immigrant returned to their homeland.

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