09 July 2012

Over 740 million denars of subsides paid to vine growers

The state has paid the subsidies to vine growers and wineries in full. The Government has paid over 740 million denars to 23.500 farmers.

"More than 740 million denars have been paid to vine growers and wineries. Farmers and vine growers in the future can count on the government's support, because the finances are not only significant for vine growers and wineries, but also for the economy in general," Vice PM and Finance Minister Zoran Stavreski stated Friday in Negotino.

At a meeting with Negotino businessmen, the FinMin urged them to use the 100 million euros provided through the European Investment Bank.
"I urged them to withdraw finances from the 100 million euros provided through the European Investment Bank. I believe the funds will help companies to endure the new European crisis," Stavreski stated.

Long-term measures taken by the government were also discussed at the meeting as well as the gasification project in Macedonia.
Minister Stavreski said that the Russian market offered a huge potential for export of Macedonian agricultural products, adding that export had been significantly bolstered in recent years.

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