02 July 2012

Heatwave in Macedonia, drivers warned to follow rules

Drivers to obey traffic rules and regulations, to respect traffic signs and to adjust their speed while driving, while motorists are obliged to wear protective equipment. These general recommendations, experts say, need to be taken into consideration in the summer when the number of traffic accidents is on the rise, according to statistics.

"Most traffic accidents with severe consequences in Macedonia are registered in the months of July and August," shows a research "The Impact of High Temperatures in the Summer on Road Traffic Safety", presented Wednesday at the National Road Traffic Safety Council.
"Anyone can cause a car crash or become a victim in an accident. Hence, the behaviour of all participants in traffic is essential. Drivers must not improvise, they must act with responsibility, respect traffic signs and adjust their speed," Interior Minister Gordana Jankuloska said.

The Council and the Red Cross of Macedonia have signed a memorandum of cooperation on carrying out activities focused on informing and educating people about the consequences of rising temperatures on health.

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