20 August 2010

US Congressional staffers visit Macedonia

In organisation of the United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) this week 18 senior US Congressional staffers will pay a visit to Macedonia.

Over the course of their stay in Macedonia, the delegation will meet with the leadership of the country, including President Gjorge Ivanov, Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki, and Defense Minister Zoran Konjanovski, as well as with MPs and representatives of the non-governmental sectors.

The US delegation is led by Lincoln McCurdy, president of the Turkish Coalition of America (TCA), which fully sponsors the visit to Macedonia.

UMD and TCA have established strategic partnership.

The delegation will visit three cities, Skopje, the birthplace of Mother Teresa and Justinian the Great; Bitola, where Mustafa Kemal Ataturk went to military academy; as well as Ohrid, considered to be the Pearl and Jerusalem of the Balkans.

13-member delegation from Turkey, consisted of NGO representatives, will accompany the guests from US.