06 August 2010

Macedonia Celebrates Ilinden

If Ilinden 1903 was one of Macedonian disobedience, Ilinden 1944 one of Macedonian perseverance and unity, then Ilinden 2010 is one of Macedonian struggle for success, economic development, better and dignified life of all citizens, said Monday Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski in the address at site Meckin Kamen near Krusevo on occasion of August 2-Day of Republic.
According to him, this struggle can be won only through unity and overcoming differences, high moral, patriotism and healthy values.
"Our goal is for the Republic of Macedonia to turn into a country with high quality of life, higher standards and happier people. There is no barrier that can't be overcome. We are determined to achieve the high European ideals and civilization achievements", stressed Gruevski.
He said significant results have been achieved in the past period, such as meeting criteria for NATO accession and the European Commission recommendation for start of EU accession negotiations.
"We must enter with pride and dignity on this path towards our deserved place in the European family of nations, so that we can give the EU additional value. This means it is not good for us, our neighbors and Europe if we accede with low moral, devalued status and damaged feelings. It is rational, humane and culturally the right thing to sit at the table with our friends as Macedonians", stated PM Gruevski.
Unfortunately, he added, when we obtained independence we believed the struggle of generations to come would be progress, education, upgrading of ethnic and religious coexistence, NATO and EU accession, but we are faced with a cruel reality that even in the 21st century, we are still forced to fight for our identity, language, name, nationality and self-determination.
"However, this imposed issue by our neighbor to deal with challenges we believed have long been overcome, will not deter us from our strategic priorities for EU and NATO accession, or the modernization of our society, so that our citizens enjoy a better, safer, richer and quality life", said Gruevski.
"We respect all our neighbors and we want to cooperate with all of them, as we are already doing. We do not want to take away anything from anyone, be it territory, culture, history etc. However, we do not want anything taken away from us too. We are a tolerant and peaceful nation and I believe we will find solutions to the problems in this spirit", he emphasized.
PM Gruevski urged for unity and opening a new modern page in political life.
"Let us try to work together, united behind the platform of a stable, independent and democratic Republic of Macedonia with developed market economy, state ruled by law, a good and respected neighbor and ally. Political differences and difficulties will always exist, like in all other democracies. However, when essential national and civil interests take the stage, we should find the strength to overcome political differences", added Gruevski.
According to him, time has come when the eternal struggle for a better tomorrow should be valued, where everyone would feel happier, more dignified and fulfilled.
"We have an obligation before the remains of the Ilinden fighters to create conditions for general prosperity. We must stage an uprising of intellectual and moral progress. Changes are natural and necessary. We should invest every atom of our strength into the interest of the common good, development of each individual. This is the struggle of today, the struggle of this generation, a struggle that must be won", underlined Gruevski.
The Government delegation attending the central event on occasion of the 107th anniversary from the Ilinden Uprising and 66 years of the first Anti-Fascist Assembly for the People's Liberation of Macedonia (ASNOM) also included Justice Minister Mihajlo Manevski, Minister of Environment and Physical Planning Nexhati Jakupi and Minister of Information Society Ivo Ivanovski.
The delegation laid flowers at the grave of Nikola Karev, site Sliva and Krusevo Republic monument at Meckin Kamen.

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