13 August 2010

Malta 1:1 Macedonia - Stone Age

With no TV signal, Radio, Live Commentary or Pigeons from the Ta'Qali National Stadium in Malta, Macedonian journalists not present in Malta could just imagine what the scoreline is in todays' friendly match. At the end, they certainly didn't imagine 1:1 against Malta who has lost to Macedonia five times in a row.
Ivan Trickovski scored his second goal in his second match for Macedonia (two for two) in the 36th minute with a header.
Malta tied the match in the beginning moments of the second half. In the 47th minute, Malta's best player Mifsud tied the score also with a header.
This was the last friendly match for Macedonia before traveling to Bratislava in September for the first match of the Euro2012 qualifying campaign against Slovakia.
Macedonia has not lost in its last six matches, however todays 1-1 result against minnows Malta has certainly raised eyebrows in the general public.

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