30 August 2013

Skopje Clinic gets new equipment, medical results in 1/2 hour

Macedonia's Government has been investing over EUR 100 million in the health care system in order to provide high-quality medical service to citizens, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski said Friday at a promotion of new EUR 700.000-worth-equipment for the Skopje City Hospital '8 September'.
The new up-to-date equipment will be put at service to all citizens who need help. the PM said, adding that a new group of eight US doctors would be soon engaged in this hospital to train their Macedonian colleagues.

"All ongoing activities for modernization turn this medical center into one of the largest in Macedonia," Gruevski said.

With the new equipment the '8 September' hospital will be able to offer high-quality health care services to citizens, Health Minister Nikola Todorov said.

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