02 August 2013

Macedonians worldwide celebrate Ilinden

Krusevo fell, but was never defeated. A great idea was born on this day which continued to live in every one of us by which Macedonian nation scores great victories. The idea for which Ilinden fighters and fighters of the national liberation war strived for is alive and lives in us and it will always live. We should always multiply this idea in new victories, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski said in his address on the occasion of Ilinden holiday at Meckin Kamen in Krusevo.

Entire Macedonia knows about the accomplishment that these brave people made 110 years ago. Men and women, children and old men, tradesman, farmers boldly to the last breath had defended Macedonia. And now after 110 years we are paying respect, celebrating and thanking them for their deed and honour, Gruevski said.

On this day, the great idea was born which continued to live in every one of us and did not eveb perish in the Balkan Wars and WWI. This idea contributed Macedonia to start the fight on Oct. 11, 1941 against Hitler’s occupation. The Ilinden resistance continued to live when on Aug. 2, 1944 Macedonian nation held ASNOM’s first session sealing the deserved victory, Gruevski said.

The remembrance of the first and second Ilinden helped Macedonian nation and nationalities to decide on independence and sovereignty of the Republic of Macedonia on Sep. 8, 1991, he said.

Many our ancestors had scarified for us to be free today, to have own rights, culture, language, name, right to religious affiliation, identity, to freely live and die, Gruevski said asking what we can do for Macedonia for our country, our fatherland for which they had fought courageously.

The Republic of Macedonia is independent and sovereign state and everyone should know that today we have basic right as well as basic obligations and duties to work for its development in every sphere, he said.

It depends from us living here Macedonians, Albanians, Turks, Romas, Vlachs, Serbs, Bosniaks whether we will be successful, whether we will meet more standards and whether we will make life better, he underlined.

Reminding on the slogan of today’s celebration “One Idea, Many Victories!” and that the idea for which fighters of Ilinden and of the national liberation war strive for is alive and lives in us we are embodying in all spheres without exception.

Because Macedonia is without natural resources, without oil or gas deposits, without sea beaches that can bring billions of tourists as is it a case in some countries. Our success can only be based on knowledge and skill, investment in minds and knowledge of the citizens. Our chance is here for long-term success. That’s why successful countries and societies are those that are based on knowledge, innovation, entrepreneurship, scientific achievements and education, he emphasized.

The victory is, as he said, to reduce the price of medicaments, to invest in modern equipment for clinics and hospitals, to build and to renovate, to provide free of charge study visit to our doctors abroad, to provide system for better communication between doctors and patients for everyone’s interest.

The victory is Macedonia’s joining in South Stream gas pipeline, new airport in Skopje, modernization of Ohrid airport, new buses for city transportation, apartments for socially vulnerable groups, construction and reconstruction of local, regional roads and highways, legalization of illegally built buildings, purchase of yards for the families, legalization of farms, agricultural mechanization, buying of solid cars and buses as well as high annual agricultural subsidies for farmers, PM Gruevski said.

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