31 August 2013

Ohrid Lake stocked with 100,000 endemic trout

Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management Ljupco Dimovski attended Saturday the stocking of Ohrid Lake with 100.000 endemic trout offspring.

Since 2006 until present day around 14 million trout offspring were stocked in the lake for which around Denar 35 million were invested, Dimovski said.

He said that approximately 2.1 million trout offspring are planned to be stocked for this year and the activity will be wrapped up by end of next month.

He also emphasised that same activities of trout stocking are being carried out also from the Albanian side.

The stocking of Ohrid Lake is carried out in line with the programme for artificial spawning process. In 1935, a breeding program was established to artificially spawn and hatch the native trout in order to support the natural recruitment of Lake Ohrid trout. Since then, the lake has been stocked with more than 450 million young trout in different stages of development.

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